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6/23/2016 c13 29FaerieTales4ever
i wrote this one... or actually, i did. I think I asked you though, yes?
1/23/2016 c7 9Commander Khashoggi
I want to see what I can come up with with this one too
1/23/2016 c6 Commander Khashoggi
May I adopt this one?
1/1/2016 c28 29FaerieTales4ever
A Shade of Emerald is going in my to be written file ! (No one has taken it right?) I just love that idea so much!
3/14/2015 c30 LifelongLeahstar
As the wind blew softly, Elphaba looked toward the sea. Her skin was tanned, her hair, dark brown and shoulder length. Her mysterious, large, chocolate coloured eyes took in the beautiful sight: man, life guard in the ocean. Elphaba constructed a plan. She would pretend to drown. She walked to the sea, her leopard print bikini covered in sand. She swam gracefully as fast as she could go. Elphaba sank below the water, waving her arms. The lifeguard ripped off his shirt and started swimming. He lifted her out, and swam back with her. Elphaba giggled, blowing the man a kiss. "My Yero" she murmured. The lifeguard looked confused for a second. "I meant to say HERO" Elphaba corrected herself. " Hi, I'm Fiyero! Um, I have a friend who wants to know you. Meet her here tonight", the lifeguard said when they reached the shore.

Galinda, a blonde beauty bounced up to her friend. "ElphIIIEEEEE" she screeched. "How long do you have?". Elphaba checked her phone "3 hours and 30 minutes". They were talking about Elphaba's skin. The truth was, it is green. She could be normal for 4 hours and 45 min each day. This is just a long prompt. Just saying, the lifeguard's friend is Fiyero. Duh. Thats how he wants to ask her out
3/14/2015 c34 LifelongLeahstar
Umm. I have a plot! I sent it as a suggestion to the Ultimate Queen of Cliffies. It starts like this. Fiyeraba fluff. Elphie sees a photograph of her father in the newspaper. Looking closely at the photo, she sees her boyfriend, Yero, in a passionate kiss with her sister. Elphie finds out that she and Boq have a crush on each other. Elphaboq. (Is that what tis called?). Blah blah blah. Galinda tries to help and spmehow falls in love with Melenas brother. Blah blah blah Morrible blah blah. Morrible is a good witch and some spell happens and Fiyeraba
3/5/2015 c33 3witches always return
I have an idea.

Summary During no good deed, in addition to marketing Fiyero the scarecrow, Elphaba brings Shiz-era Fiyero, Boq, Galinda, Nessa, and Elphaba to that time. Nessa and Boq are with Dorothy, Fiyero, and Boq. Galinda lands in Kiamo Ko where future Elphaba is. Elphaba and Fiyero land in the Emerald Palace, in Glinda's room.

Genre anything

Pairing Fiyeraba and Gloq

Creator witches always return
9/21/2014 c1 60Thepopcornpup
By the way, my bunny is green and has ice powers. And, will often randomly yell out either "WE CAN'T ALL COME AND GO BY BUBBLE!" and "THE ONLY FROZEN HEART AROUND HERE IS YOURS!"
My bunny might be mentally disturbed, but she's beautiful to me. *pets bunny and earns creeped out stares from everyone*
9/21/2014 c34 Thepopcornpup
I've got a plot bunny!
Title: Good title for a Frozen/Wicked crossover. (Very original, I know. Author can [and will] obviously change it.)
Plot: One day, Elphaba wakes up to find herself degreenified. But, she also has blue eyes. And,she is, how do I describe it? BLONDE. When someone knocks on her door and says, "Princess Elsa? Time to get ready for your coronation", Elphie knows that something is wrong. And, she is, most definishly, NOT in Oz anynore.
Genre: Fantasy and either humor or drama. Whatever feels best.
Pairings: Not really a romance story, but probably Fiyeraba and Kristanna.
Username: Thepopcornpup
7/15/2014 c33 8ScarredHope
Forgot to add as many people as they want can adopt my bunny. The more the merrier!
7/15/2014 c34 ScarredHope
Hey, I'm pretty new on the Wicked scene. I've been here for about a month and I haven't posted any stories but I have reviewed and favorited authors and stories. I don't know why I had the intro other than you guys are a tight happy friendly group which is really cool to see. Anyway here is my plot bunny

Bunny's Name: Face Down
Summary: BASED on the song "Face Down" by Red Jump Suit Apparatus (please use song loosely). Elphaba is being (at least) verbally abused by Frex and this is Fiyero's reaction.
Pairing: Fiyeraba
Genre: Hurt/ Comfort and Angst or Romance maybe
Bunny's creator: ScarredHope
Extra Info: thought of as a one-shot but the creator would be thrilled if you made it longer. Creator also wishes that if it gets an adopter that they would PM her when they're done with fic
You don't have to post the extra info...
6/25/2014 c15 71heatqueen
Hey, was wondering if I can take this one back? Since no one's done it, I thought I might actually just do it myself.
6/21/2014 c1 Thedoctor24601
Hey, just Jessica the guest! If you're seeing this, I want you to know that I kind of maybe adopted that plot bunny for a one-shot of my own. I don't have an account yet, but if/when(THE MUSICAL!) I post it I'll be sure to give credit to "just Jessica the guest", okay? :)
6/21/2014 c1 Thedoctor24601
Title: The Wonderful Witch of the West
Summary: What if, during the song "Wonderful", Elphaba had accepted the Wizard's offer and allowed him to make her famous?
Category: ... Family, maybe? In the one I had sorta started to write the Wizard sees the green bottle when she's unpacking and they figure out she's his daughter but I don't know you can decide

I don't need credit cause I don't have an account, but thanks anyways if you use this! Bye(also you're a really amazing writer so I know you can do this)!
6/19/2014 c1 Thedoctor24601
(I'm kind of trying to write this one but it's not going so well so someone can use it, too)
Title: The Wonderful Witch of the West
Summary: What if during the song "Wonderful" Elphaba had accepted the Wizards offer and allowed him to make her famous?
Name:(No account so it doesn't matter)
Category:Uh... You can decide for yourself, I suppose...

In my version the Wizard sees the green bottle while she's unpacking and they find out she's his daughter, so you can play around with that idea if you want.
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