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5/29 c23 Witchbreaker
I'm enjoying this! I have a question though, what was the end of this sentence supposed to be? Was it deleted accidentally? It's near the end of the chapter : “And after they have, they will find out the hard way that
4/13 c10 1Sotoro Beri
Mao shall never be forgotten...
3/20 c24 2Mangahero18
what happened to the Radiant Wave Surger? Watching Knightmares inflate like balloons then explode was cool/
3/19 c15 Mangahero18
Its easy to forget with the awesome animation flying in your face but most Knightmares are only a little over double a human's height and weigh around 3-4 Cars. They are MUCH lighter than most modern Tanks. The anime makes them seem like these end-all be-all super weapons but they really arent...the Blaze Luminous and Hadron Cannons on the other hand are COMPLETE bullshit. How the fuck do you compete with a force field and super laser canon? You cant.
3/19 c7 Mangahero18
Code Geass uses the word 'Terrorist' erroneously in place of 'Insurgent' pretty frequently. In Kusakabe we have a TRUE terrorist. Someone who uses terrifying and despicable methods to enact fear on the populace and in turn put pressure on their government. Textbook definition of terrorist.
3/19 c4 Mangahero18
Oda Nobunaga reborn.
2/26 c21 Genesis09
You gave them a scaled down Star Destroyer... well shit... I can't wait to see how Project Harbinger turns out. It sounded like a super upgraded Shinkiro frame.
2/26 c16 Genesis09
Loving the sound of this massive carrier, I can’t wait for the codex entry to really describe it.
2/10 c26 34Kaiimei
Oh, thank goodness.

When I reached this chapter and thought about just how unfinished it seemed, I was honestly worried that this was one of those fics that got a 'Completed' tag when really it just meant 'hiatus'. To know that it's just shifted into another story is good, though I do kinda wonder why you'd segment it like that. Usually it's better to just keep stories in one piece.

But hey, what do I know, I have like 30 stories and only one of them is properly completed, the others are either completely unfinished, or is hopping between Universes.
12/28/2020 c26 Guest
Amazing story, at first I was sceptical, for I normally don't like fem Lelouch stories, but this one was masterfully written.
12/3/2020 c25 18Per ardua ad astra
Lol, nice to see Luna read a story about The US and USSR
12/3/2020 c13 Per ardua ad astra
Nice story, only one point... Noble titles can't be bought or sold.
11/10/2020 c26 Uday Sra
11/6/2020 c5 LuluViBritania
Chapter 5
[Internally, Cornelia was furious. The last thing he wanted]
Internally, Cornelia was furious. The last thing She wanted
9/19/2020 c26 razberry1
Loved it. Thank you!
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