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7/2 c1 SirPoseidon
Yo everyone, both new readers and old, you might think this story to be pretty wiggity wack in terms of abrupt tone shifts and strange, discordant passages. I’m here to tell you it wasn’t always like this.
Once, this was the greatest Code Geass fanfic available, now it’s just one of the better ones.

But fear not! If you are like me and are put-off by the rewrite, please use the wondrous Wayback Machine to read this fic in its greater, primordial form.
3/5 c1 LeonaidasRage
Not caring about Nunnally is surprising enough, but acceptable. What I don't understand is how Luna is able to just kill soldiers deployed with the sole intention of rescuing her and not feel anything about it. Is it because of past experiences?
11/1/2021 c1 kerrowe
What a cute pairing name. CluClu.
I guess Lulu is stuck being a loli huh? Still I'm interested so far!
9/16/2021 c20 Guest
"I have a confession to make. Several, actually." She tried her hardest not to look down. Out of all the moments across two lives, having to face people she loved, and admit to them that the girl they had known all these years was just a collection of masks, was definitely among the worst

9/12/2021 c6 2Qriiz
"You're not as stealthy as you think, Sayoko Shinozaki."
How the hell does Luna know Sayoko's name?
Gonna need to delete "Sayoko Shinozaki" part.
9/7/2021 c21 Victorius 435
This is practically like Operation Valkyrie but successful
8/24/2021 c11 1pailRomantic
Wow. I was pretty nervous that this fic was just going to be another anime rewrite that somehow made LL even colder and meaner than the original, but her reunion with CC has far exceeded my own expectations! The pacing and build up to the event, and wonderful emotional release between them was joyous to behold, and I love the direction everything else is going. This is the best kind of 'fix it' fic and I can't wait to see what is coming up. I am placing money here in chapter eleven that a certain sister is not quite as dead as she seems.
7/20/2021 c1 Ciel02DragneeL Sama
5/29/2021 c23 Witchbreaker
I'm enjoying this! I have a question though, what was the end of this sentence supposed to be? Was it deleted accidentally? It's near the end of the chapter : “And after they have, they will find out the hard way that
4/13/2021 c10 Sothur
Mao shall never be forgotten...
3/20/2021 c24 2Mangahero18
what happened to the Radiant Wave Surger? Watching Knightmares inflate like balloons then explode was cool/
3/19/2021 c15 Mangahero18
Its easy to forget with the awesome animation flying in your face but most Knightmares are only a little over double a human's height and weigh around 3-4 Cars. They are MUCH lighter than most modern Tanks. The anime makes them seem like these end-all be-all super weapons but they really arent...the Blaze Luminous and Hadron Cannons on the other hand are COMPLETE bullshit. How the fuck do you compete with a force field and super laser canon? You cant.
3/19/2021 c7 Mangahero18
Code Geass uses the word 'Terrorist' erroneously in place of 'Insurgent' pretty frequently. In Kusakabe we have a TRUE terrorist. Someone who uses terrifying and despicable methods to enact fear on the populace and in turn put pressure on their government. Textbook definition of terrorist.
3/19/2021 c4 Mangahero18
Oda Nobunaga reborn.
2/26/2021 c21 Genesis09
You gave them a scaled down Star Destroyer... well shit... I can't wait to see how Project Harbinger turns out. It sounded like a super upgraded Shinkiro frame.
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