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3/7/2016 c5 134Ani-maniac494
I'm not all that familiar with Criminal Minds, but I loved this fic. :) Wonderful work!

7/10/2014 c5 9Kelana-ti
Very interesting story. Admittedly, it made me laugh out of excitement. I mean, how many times do you find a Christian fanfiction? Christian fanfic authors, sure, but most fandoms are hard to put Christianity into if only because it would read weird. I mostly write Star Wars, so yeah. The light side of the Force is kinda like the Holy Spirit, but still.
Really enjoyed reading this. Redemption and conversion stories all ways are fun. But I still feel like this is only part of the story. Jesus forgave Emily for her abortion, but did she forgive herself? And does she even know why she feels guilty about it? Once upon a time, after all, she didn't believe she was carrying a child. Is Emily going to go back to her Catholic faith, or join the Baptists? And maybe the bigger question; do they catch the killer? I'd like to know! LOL. Anyway, good story.
6/27/2014 c5 96sunstarunicorn
Im of two minds about this story. On the one hand I do like JJ and Emily getting saved, on the other...well, the story isn‘t really finished! Who did it? What‘s the full profile that we see in a criminal minds eppy? You don‘t have to match up w/ CM of course, but please, at the very least, solve the crime. Love the fluff but your story just isn‘t done until we see who did it. So...go get em..or have your team do it. ; )

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