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10/10/2008 c5 xenocanaan
6/10/2007 c5 Buffalocatz
I know that it has been a bit since your last update, but I really enjoyed this fic so far. Maybe someday you will pick it back up and continue? I love how Tokio brings out the 'softer' side of Saitou. :) Thanks for all your hard work.
3/30/2005 c5 Senaca
Oh simply wonderful! I totally love the way you wrote the first 5 chapters. Please update soon, I can not wait to read what happen next.
3/25/2005 c5 chelle
wow...that was completely and utterly amazing...thats just wow. keep up the good work and update soon please.
10/30/2004 c5 jisAtsU siLENcE
aww .. you haven't updated in about 2 years =( ... this is really good and i like how you did tokio's character .. i really hope and wish that you could update again soon .. pwease..
7/30/2004 c3 Shona
Please will you update.
7/19/2004 c1 Shona
pleas continue this story.
6/22/2003 c2 Chase Yuy who is too lazy to sign in
I believe they did have kitchens... They did on the anime ^^
10/18/2002 c5 16Leila Winters
Hee hee...I can picture Saitou laughing at his wife...(though I can't imagine what it would sound like).

Well, what can I say? You gave a life story and it wasn't bad. (Squaresoft just knows how to do gorgeous men. Right now, I'm playing Wild Arms 3 and one of the guys is just absolutely smoking...but alas, it was not done by Squaresoft. Sigh.)

Hee...and I really enjoyed the blank looks they gave Tokio when she mentions falling in love. THAT'S SO CUTE! Aw...I wish more people would write about how the two of them got together. It's just so much fun to read everyone's viewpoint. (EEK! I'm ranting again! Sorry! Ciao! Keep up the good work!)
10/18/2002 c5 3LadyJavert
Yeah, I had originally planned for Tokio's story to be longer. But I didn't want this fic to turn into an epic 20 chapter fic. I think I'm gonna end it by 10. But thanks, minna. Chap. 6 should be out before Friday of next week, if all goes well. =)

10/18/2002 c5 Sano2

I like Tokio's story and I really wouldn't mind if it were longer.

Update fast!

10/17/2002 c5 127Crystal Snowflakes
lol...SOOOOO cute ^^
10/17/2002 c5 4JadeGoddess
awwwwwwwwww, that's so cute and the falling in love part they thought what was going on with Okita, please continue!
10/16/2002 c4 16Leila Winters
Oh, poor Saitou! I'm surprised his pride wasn't a bit more hurt after being "compromised" in front of the Kenshingumi.

I liked this chapter. It was one of the fun, little ditties that are so cute. Well, hope they get to the dinner fast! I wanna get some explaining done!
10/15/2002 c4 127Crystal Snowflakes
It was a good chapter, keep up the good work ^^
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