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10/15/2002 c4 3LadyJavert
Aiya...I'm sorry, minna. =( *bows* I had a midterm last week. Also, I have a midterm on the 31st...in a class I failed last year. That makes it really hard. I hate that class so much...and I try so hard. =( But I will try to update more often. I said before I'd try for at least once a week. So that gives me till Tuesday of next week. ...The 22nd. Hahah...okay. Good plan. =)

10/15/2002 c4 Sano2
Well - nice chapter, but way too short.

Go on and tell us that Tokio is Janai ... or isn't she?

Well huury up and update!

10/15/2002 c4 Shuro
That was so cute! I love it!
10/15/2002 c4 Tariq
Hi. Umm...nice buildup. But plz update regularly & more often.
10/9/2002 c3 16Leila Winters
Hmm...interesting. Somehow, it's kind of weird to imagine Tokio stronger than Saitou. The man's built like a truck, for Christ's sake! But I'm interested in where this is going.

Thanks for posting so soon!

Oh, and you gotta love Sano yelling, "SHE'S YOUR WIFE FOR GOD'S SAKE!" I thought that was nice. Ciao!
10/9/2002 c2 Leila Winters
I don't know why I thought this was funny, but it was so hilarious when Sano goes, "Damn, she's loud."

Aww...and sweet Hajime waited for his wife to serve herself before he began to eat. That was so cute! That, and the two of them holding their chopsticks with skill...I thought that was cool. It's just a precise family unit.

Hee, can't wait for more. (On to the next chapter, I suppose...)
10/9/2002 c3 Sano2
I really liked this chapter ;)

Many mysteries yet to be discovered ...

Tokio seems interesting - poor Saitou is now only on the third place?

Yare, yare ... ^^

Kenshins conclusions are as good as ever - keep it that way.

And plz hurry with writing more ^_-

Sano (who will work on his defense ^^)
10/9/2002 c3 Tariq
Hi. NIce chapter. But how about showing the absolute strenght of Hitokiri Battousai in Kenshin i.e. He ahs all the power & speed of the hitokiri & mind of the hitokiri but the heart of Kenshin. Also, i think that Kenshin was the Ultimate fighter. Even without the Kuzuryuusen & Ougi Amakakero Ryu No Hirameki, he was stronger than Saitou. Also he had a variation of the ultimate succession technique :*Kenshin supin Battou Jutsu* the one he use in the movie "Requiem for Ishin Patriots" to beat Shigure. So i think he was a very much better warrior than Saitou.

PLZ dont overdue the Saitou & Tokio thing okay?
10/8/2002 c3 3LadyJavert
I told ya guys! Tokio is really really really strong...in fact, I'm thinking of making her stronger than Kenshin. It's just that it's always the male who's the hero...he comes to rescue the woman. Well, here's Saitoh Tokio to change all that! She is one hell of a mean machine. Mwahahahahhaa!

10/8/2002 c3 128Crystal Snowflakes
...Tokio is stronger than Saitoh?

eeks...poor Saitoh
10/8/2002 c3 2IceRain
i love the way you wrote on kenshin's observation on the couple's chop-sticks holding techniques...you made kenshin very very attentive. and tokio of course, is one kind of woman which everyone will expect best suit for saitou! great! keep it! and they make a lovely couple!
10/8/2002 c2 3LadyJavert
Ah thanks, dudes. Hehe...like the way I picture Saito, ne? I'll try to update at least once a week. Midterm on Thursday for me though, and then again on Hallowe'en...but I will try for at LEAST once a week. And if I don't, pray b/c I'll probably be gatotsu'ed against a wall somewhere by once of you. (Hehe...anyone else you gatotsu as a verb out there? I also use Hitokiri Battousai as one. IE: I'm gonna go Hitokiri Battousai on your a$$!) *Sigh*...now I've gone and revealed my weird side...maybe you all will leave now...great.

10/8/2002 c2 Sano2
That's a really good story.

Keep writing.

I like the way you picture Saitou ^^

10/8/2002 c2 Tariq
Hi. Oohhh...I can't wait. PLZ UPDATE QUICKLY!
10/8/2002 c2 Shuro
OH that was so cute, I mean Tokio/Saitou deathglares! THats soemthing new, and befor the guessts, no less! keep writing!
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