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10/7/2002 c2 128Crystal Snowflakes
lol...Tokio is sooo cool ^^

Saitoh controled by Tokio...cute ^^
10/7/2002 c1 16Leila Winters
THAT WAS SUCH A CUTE STORY! (Well, chapter of a story.) It had it's good points, though I'm not sure if all that Japanese is really necessary. Sometimes it's nice to have around just because it sets a mood, but be sure to keep in mind that some people are...just...not prolific in Japanese.

Other than that, I LOVED it! I thought it was wonderful that Saitou stands outside of the door and apologizes. And then, it got better when Tokio opens the door and jumps into his arms. And then, it got even BETTER when she was getting all choked up and tried to tell him that she missed him. (I love moments like that. The two are just SO GODDAMN ADORABLE!)

Well, I can't wait for another chapter! You've got an excellent start. Some of the stuff may not actually happen in RK as a series, but hey, it's a fic and our fantasies are free to run rampant. (Like I should talk, my Saitou will have a moment of sentimentality for his wife in front of the Kenshingumi. Like THAT'D ever happen! ^_^ )

KEEP IT UP! I'll be checking for your updates in the future! CIAO!
10/7/2002 c1 2IceRain
this is great! they are so cute, i am waiting for the next chapter...yummy
10/7/2002 c1 3LadyJavert
Aw, thanks you two. It's my first time writing any sort of fanfic...so I was kinda wary about posting it here...in fact, I was *very* wary. And I just noticed all of my stuff in italics, and my (...) aren't seen! AAH~! I'll have to change that ...

10/7/2002 c1 Shurodidnt log in
Nice start, keep writing!
10/6/2002 c1 128Crystal Snowflakes
lol...Saitoh and Tokio's so cute ^^
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