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for Sloppy Babies: The Babysitters

10/27 c28 Guest
i just finished reading it for de second time and i have to say that i loved revisit this story still enjoying the plot, San and Britt interaction and love story ️ , the 'unholy trinity' and all characters involve in this fic. It made me want for a sequel ️...
you really spoiled us with the 'Coffee Breaks' trilogy I have already read at least twice all your fics
thank you for keep writing Brittana stories and for sharing them with all of us.
10/27 c14 BrittanaAus
Love a slow burner.
10/14 c28 Guest
A sequel please...
9/7 c1 csilv1171
I’m not sure how I’m just reading this story of yours now in 2020. But I loved it! The dynamic between Santana and Brittany was wonderful. A sequel to this one would have been awesome so we could have seen how they both grew in their relationship. I’m not sure who I think would have proposed in this one.
8/30 c28 Guest
I know you said it’s not gonna happen but we demand a sequel right fucking now pleaseeeeee
8/20 c28 Guest
Beautiful! Your stories are really making 2020 better for me.
8/17 c23 Guest
8/5 c28 Guest
Yup! As always, you never fail to write your stories so freaking awesomely!
I love your use of words and how you extend your imagination to make the story perfectly situated.
I fucking loved it
9/5/2019 c28 ronye180
so I just finished it and really really enjoyed it the chapter where Britt said she wanted to do silly things with Santana & when they had that heated conversation after dani came back were my fav parts with ofc Santana sassy & flirting parts lol, the unholy trinity was amazing, san & sugar interaction was hilarious I loved it overall soo glad I read it.
8/11/2018 c1 2UndyingWhale
Amazing job on this!
2/17/2017 c28 Guest
Now why did I skip this story several times! Loved it very much. Write another story ... your stories are real good.
3/4/2015 c28 kasey says zoom a lot
This was a really fun twist on Coyote Ugly / Burlesque. Hellz yeah you can't break up the Unholy Trinity!
3/4/2015 c8 63CloudXLightning
Mike and Quinn? That's new, but cute. And The Unholy Trinity finally here!
1/29/2015 c28 3writtingaboutsantana
Wonderful story. I wish you'd write a sequel, but I really REALLY like this. Honestly, I didn't read it before because I thought it would be like the babysitters club, but then I was like "that sounds interesting" then it totally wasn't that so I love it!
12/9/2014 c28 weeoil
Oh I love this story. Though the plot is kinda cliché but it's well-written, the pace is not draggy, and the jokes and puns are hilarious. I laughed my ass off a lot. Good job!

One thing I find hard to believe is that Sloppy Babies couldn't financially survive despite the fact that it seemed like one of the busiest places in town. Sue must have had the worst financial and management skills to run this place to hell eventually.
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