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1/17/2014 c1 Michaela
If I were signed into my ff account I would have both followed and favorited this. But since I'm lazy and not doing that, know that I have followed and favorited this story in my /heart./ Adequate? Either way, keep up the good work! Everyone is in character, and I'm loving the interactions.
1/16/2014 c1 6youngbloodbuzz

Ok first off, it's perfect. I love it. Anna and Rapunzel dancing together is already a new favourite thing, I desperately hope there's more of it.

And I absolutely adore how gentle Eugene was with Elsa, I can't wait to see how you play out that friendship. And having Anna already aware of Rapunzel and slightly obsessed with her was great. I thought about something similar myself. And Kristoff and Pascal. Oh my god, Kristoff you adorable man. (Ps Pascal disappeared, so I'm just gonna assume in a delete scene, Kristoff adorably hands over Pascal to either Eugene or Rapunzel).

I'm also really glad you gave Anna some anxiety in that last scene, I've only seen one other person write something similar once, and I think that's super important.

BUT REALLY I"M LOOKING FORWARD TO EVERYTHING. Anna/Kristoff and Rapunzel/Eugene are already adorable as hell and i want them all to love each other and be super protective of each AND Elsa. (Omg tho, now i'm all four of them going all super protective if someone tries to provoke Elsa and her powers) OH and Elsa and Rapunzel discussing their powers. And Eugene and Kristoff being all damned cute. And then Elsa's reaction to this OT4, it's gonna be hilarious and adorable.
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