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8/23 c32 DarkParadise13
Any updates...?
8/19 c1 Stacy Hunt
Just read again for umpteenth time. Still love this story. Please update soon. Great story.
7/29 c31 Kvan
Please please come back and finish this story. It is an amazing story and I can’t wait to see how this ends.

Hope all is well
7/27 c32 Kvan
Please please please come back and complete this one
7/18 c30 Guest
I live this story so much please finish it. Also what’s up with the potion from the did Severus know what it was?
7/17 c32 Guest
Please update soon. I can’t wait to know what happens.
6/3 c32 Guest
Will you be updating this and finishing this I have reread this so many time hoping there is a new chapter
5/24 c32 Guest
Please please please contine with this story, I only found it about a month ago and have reread it so many time I can’t wait to see how this progress please don’t let this be where it ends

Hope your well and please continue
5/20 c32 Stacy Hunt
please revisit this story to continue. please a really good story should never go unfinished.
4/28 c32 Guest
More please
4/25 c32 Guest
Please please please update and finish this it’s an amazing and I really want to see how this progresses
4/14 c32 Guest
I know it has been a while and I hope that you are well please continue this story it’s been one of the best of Hermione and Snape I have read
3/22 c32 Guest
Will you be finishing this, it’s an amazing story’s and I cant wait to read the rest
3/23 c3 TrixyHobbitzes
Poor Ginny. I find i usually loath her character, especially in fanfics cuz shes usually annoying and shoving her nose where it doesn't belong or being a bossy jerk. Shes already doing that hahah ruined me finding out what a soul bond was.. dum dum daaaahhhh!
3/9 c32 Guest
Oh my god ... favourite Snape and granger one yet, I wish this had been finished
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