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6/19 c66 65Chellerbelle
*rubs hands together gleefully* Oh, I love them running into people they already met/will have met. That's just awesome.

Also, the acolytes singing to snap Sabes out of it, bwahahaha.

Fantastic chapter!
6/18 c66 53Sonar
Love it
6/18 c66 1k+Red Witch
Boy Vincent sure knows how to pick women doesn't he? Great chapter! Love it!
5/28 c65 56Mini Wolfsbane
...Sabertooth's broken. 0_o

Hah, nice fourth wall leaning at the end!

*Ahem* I see Remy recovered quickly. *Blushes* I'll just say I'd probably break Remy if he was real. Rabid fangirls are dangerous creatures. Again, your ability to write all these guys so in-character when we got just slivers of them in the show is still astounding! (That is to say, never as much focus as the main characters.)

Pyro is as dense as ever, but Piotr is, as always embarrassed. XD

Oh, I was thinking it would be cool if they met Helen Keller, but there's not much mystery there. Also, the poor woman wouldn't deserve to have insanity thrust upon her. I'm sure you've got more plots in mind of your own, so keep on truckin'!
5/28 c64 Mini Wolfsbane
Oh my gosh! Them boys got into it again. Poor, poor Remy. My baby boy can't seem to catch a break! However, certain vigilante women could've used a lesson on how to treat a gentleman. (Okay, the dorks lustfullness aside, I mean). As to the rest of the shennanigans, good show once again!

Now, I have to go teach Eustaquia a non-voilent lesson about beating up poor, defenseless Cajuns.
*Jumps into the Tardis.*

(Come to think of it, me saving Remy would make for an interesting fic, but that might be my
insomnia talking.) Keep up the good work!
5/25 c65 11GaredBattlespike

I had correctly guessed it when the villagers started mispronouncing Sabertooths' name.

Really good work, and funny to imagine big, bad Sabertooth running from women!
5/19 c65 a
suggestions meant to be on the previous list:

Carrie Nation and/or Billy Sunday

The Zhengde Emperor

Also, you might try googling "History's Nutcases"
5/19 c65 a
Do you take suggestions?

Some interesting people for the acolytes to meet:

Mary Bowser - the spy who may have attempted to burn down the confederate white house (or not, depending on the source)

Mary Frith - notorious thief from Shakespearean London

Olga of Kiev - she liked to burn things

Sybil Ludington - she made a late night ride to warn that the British were coming

Gertrude Bell - most famous for her role in shaping Iraq she climbed mountains before starting her career in the middle east (sometimes in her under garments according to one claim)

Nellie Bly and Elizabeth Bisland - Victorian journalists who raced around the world (Bisland was erroneously told my an unidentified travel agent that she'd missed her ship - she lost the race)
5/19 c65 18Daisy Rhine
Lol poor sabertooth
5/18 c65 53Sonar
At least he wasn't made for soup.
5/18 c65 9DigiXBot
Since there's an actual Gilgamesh in the marvel universe, it would be even funnier if he ran into Enkidu/Sabertooth
5/18 c65 1k+Red Witch
Huh that explains a lot. Great chapter! Love these little historical trips!
4/19 c64 11GaredBattlespike
The exact cause of the Acolytes' madness has never been 'officially' determined, but is fun watching it unfold anyway!
4/18 c64 65Chellerbelle
Well, those are words I never thought would ever come out of Remy's mouth, ha!

And Mastermind's winning streak was going so well...

Awesome chapter, as always! Loved it.
4/18 c64 18Daisy Rhine
Awe poor Remy. lol I can't believe sabs lost a bar fight. XD
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