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9/19 c69 11GaredBattlespike
"Officially"...He he he!
9/18 c69 65Chellerbelle
I want to know about the first and second biggest schools of flying fish Pyro has seen... hehehe

Also, yay fighting pirates :)

Awesome chapter!
9/18 c69 18Daisy Rhine
Lol, can't get enough of this fic. They were such bad a's in this chapter
9/18 c69 1k+Red Witch
And now we know why! Great chapter! Always fun with these little historical hiccups!
Mastermind: These hiccups always get me beaten up!
That's what's so fun about them!
9/5 c68 Dragolord09
Somehow I get the feeling that the only reason Pyro doesn't stay with some of his other relatives like Aunt Raelene or Uncle Unkle on a permanent basis is that he drives them just as batty as his parents and can only tolerate him for a few weeks (at best).
8/23 c68 18Daisy Rhine
Best chapter yet. XD
8/19 c68 218gunman
And here I thought Arthur was going to make an appearance.
Oh, well, another 'triumph' for the mutant anti-heroes.
Seriously, these remind me of 'Robot Chicken' episodes.
Alot of fun.
Write on.
8/19 c68 19romanov16
You know, you should have the boys meet Andrew Jackson at the battle of New Orleans during the war of 1812. Old Hickery could look Saberthooth in the eye with out flinching, though Remy may take offence at the gernel wanting to burn his city to the ground then let the British in.
8/18 c68 1k+Red Witch
Yup that's what happens when you have casual drinking and drugs day at the office! Very funny! Love these little historical tidbits! Great job!
8/18 c68 65Chellerbelle
Good fun as always. I love Pyro's story of his childhood, hehe, and of course, Remy stealing stuff ;)

I know I've said this before, but I'll say it again. I really love that the Acolytes are responsible for so many unexplained events in history :)

Awesome chapter!
8/18 c68 2Reikson
8/18 c68 10Tubagirl2007
One if my personal favorite times in history and you did excellent, like always!
8/5 c67 18Daisy Rhine
Loved it
7/19 c67 53Sonar
Love it.
7/19 c67 65Chellerbelle
This was amazing. Also, Sabes arguing opera will never get old :)

Also loved Remy and Mastermind arguing, and Piotr being the sensible one until he got sucked into the chaos, hehehehe.

Loved it!
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