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5/18 c65 1k+Red Witch
Huh that explains a lot. Great chapter! Love these little historical trips!
4/19 c64 11GaredBattlespike
The exact cause of the Acolytes' madness has never been 'officially' determined, but is fun watching it unfold anyway!
4/18 c64 65Chellerbelle
Well, those are words I never thought would ever come out of Remy's mouth, ha!

And Mastermind's winning streak was going so well...

Awesome chapter, as always! Loved it.
4/18 c64 20Daisy Rhine
Awe poor Remy. lol I can't believe sabs lost a bar fight. XD
4/18 c64 1k+Red Witch
Love this chapter! Wild women are the best! Keep going!
3/25 c63 59Mini Wolfsbane
So good, as always!

Of course, it really got me craving tortellini (my favorite!) and dumplings.

You make a fangirl's heart flutter, opening the fic with the boys soaking in a hot spring in their underwear. Mama mia! XD (And helloooooo Remy! *heart eyes*)

Dang, I kinda feel sorry for Piotr. Poor guy can't win.

Remy wiped the floor with some random guys again, oh wow!

Poor Mastermind, things sure unraveled quickly.

Pyro and Sabertooth continue to surprise us all.

Can't wait for chapter 64!
3/19 c63 218gunman
Piotr should at least once embrace that women are attracted to him. He needs to get laid only because he'd be better at it than Remy. (And I don't mean technique, I mean how he treats people)
And nice addition of Beethoven. And I wonder when Von Goethe met Mastermind and the others? It's extremely odd and strange to hop around time and space and meet someone twice on your random trips.
I wonder if he has met them before, but they haven't time-jumped to when they knew him.
(I hate time-travel theory)
Anyway, another hilarious chapter.
Write on.
3/18 c63 65Chellerbelle
I do enjoy it when you explain things that have never been officially explained.

There was just so much awesome in this chapter. I love all the little things the Acolytes did when they got separated. Especially Remy hustling those guys and Sabes singing opera :D

Awesome chapter!
3/18 c63 20Daisy Rhine
Absolutely amazing. lol what a change in pace.
3/18 c63 1k+Red Witch
This also explains why Beethoven went deaf later in life if you think about it...Too much crazy going on!

Great chapter!
2/24 c58 59Mini Wolfsbane
Ugh, that first part was hard to read. I mean, I was all for Remy in his underwear (heheh), up until the torture part. I'm so attached to my favorite characters, even though they're not real, I hate seeing them in pain or being tortured or whatever.
Dang, that boy loves the women, even nuns! LOL!

Been playing catch up today and this fic hasn't stopped being enjoyable.
Now that I'm awake enough to really pay attention, I can enjoy it better.
Great job, as usual! Keep up the good work!
2/22 c62 65Chellerbelle
I sang along with the Acoyltes ;) I just wanted you to know that, hahahahaha.

Good, fun, chapter! Loved it!
2/18 c62 53Sonar
Good job.
2/18 c62 218gunman
The guy is mixing explosives together, while the Acolytes sing.
While. They. Sing.
Oh, Magneto is going to love this.
Hilarious, but this would never have made it into the animated series.
Even after a couple dozen different time jumps.
Write on.
2/18 c62 1k+Red Witch
Love those musical numbers! And the fun facts about history!

Great chapter! He he...Love it when the Acolytes run into people as crazy as they are!
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