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5/4/2019 c3 8Rainbow Fox 8
Overall I really enjoyed the story! The assassin was a butt, and I liked how Roy handled it because technically he didn't kill him so... Anyway I love Roy and Dick's brotherly relationship, and how he a very protective older brother. Great job!
3/13/2017 c3 PuzzledBookie63
Dude I love this so much and I can't wait to read more of this 'verse (though it might have to wait awhile what with end of the quarter projects and papers and finals and all) I live for this characterization and the evolution of Roy. This is just a short story but you can see his character progression and I love it. Stumbling onto weird little gems on this site is my fave (I only call it weird because it's a zombie AU but I'm so down bro)
9/9/2016 c3 Guest
More!Please I need more of these! (squeal )
7/14/2016 c3 1RasalynnLynx
I came back to comment on this after reading Age of Heroes. I loved this snapshot of their beginning in this apocalypse! What would be really awesome would be more snapshots of possibly how the team came to form. Like Artemis history (you mentioned many criminals dying) did her family die? Or how Dick contacted the Atlanteans and how Kaldur decided to go to the new batcave and if Dick every finds a way to contact Mars with Miss Martian, she would have to adjust her thinking critically since most of her info of Earth came from a sitcom that would have no bearing on the apocalyptic Earth (For some reason I think she would be more like her season 2 persona), or maybe she was already on her way after Martian Manhunter never returned. Dick geeking over Martian technology! Last but not least what happened to the League (will these young protégés ever find their mentors?
6/12/2016 c3 3San K. Darkchild
Loved this one too! Still curious if they ever got leads on those who were on the "not-confirmed" list. :)
1/5/2016 c3 Nightmare in between
I read Age of Heroes months about two months ago and while I enjoyed it, I would have preferred to see more of New Batcave. I didn't realise until yesterday that you had written this PERFECT piece. I adore this and reading about Roy and Dick's friendship made me so happy. In the show Dick and Wally were my friendship but you have swayed me towards Dick and Roy - the big brother/little brother dynamic is exactly what I love. I'm not usually a fan of AUs but I would absolutely read more in this universe, especially if you have more Dick and Roy.
10/6/2015 c3 Guest
please make more chapters
7/22/2015 c3 2rozoe9
I love this AU. Age of Heros and Crosshairs are both awesome. I hope you wrote more fics in this universe in the future.
7/5/2015 c3 4not paranoid enough
So, I just read this and Age of Heroes, and oh, my gosh yes. You've managed to write characters in an AU that are more in character than they are in most non-AU fics!

I really hope you decide/have a chance/feel inspired to expand on this universe. I don't do zombies usually, but this is so well drawn and the family and loyalty dynamics are so fascinating and so real that I would love to keep reading. And honestly, I don't care if the focus is on Dick and Roy or Connor and Wally or all of them together because you've done such a great job getting me attached to all of them.

But I love that you explored Wally and Connor's relationship because the show hinted that they hit it off right away, but then never expanded on that. And bigbrother!Roy is amazing and Dick dealing not so much with being a leader but being taken care of is just too awesome. And Roy's development in this was superb!

So yes. I hope you add on to this universe :D
6/20/2015 c3 15Ash9
Very good...but more, please? :D
6/20/2015 c2 Ash9
Yay Roy-taking charge and being awesome!
6/20/2015 c1 Ash9
Loved this! Poor Dick. I do want to hear the story of how he lost Batman and Alfred. Hope you get there!
5/28/2015 c3 48Pyrinsomniac
IT'S SO PERFECT! The characterization- the way you've kept core traits, like Dick's intelligence and amazing adaptive abilities and how GOOD he is at dealing with people... and not just in reading others or his judgment of character or knowing the mood of the masses he's surrounded by, but in the way he combines all of that; that brand of charisma and razor- sharp savvy particular to Dick Grayson. And I really appreciate the look into Roy's head. Again, the characterization is amazing- Roy's still a grump with a good heart, still amazingly dedicated to his goal, still uses stoicism and intimidation where Dick utilizes warmth and wit and charm, but he rises to the challenges presented him, almost needs them in a way. I loved the finesse you used in rendering the differences between Roy's thoughts and emotional reactions and his visible reactions, and all those details he was continually making mental note of. Every bit of this is fantastic.
12/31/2014 c2 7RedScotch
I wonder what happens...
12/31/2014 c1 RedScotch
Wha? NOO! Richard!
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