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2/19 c5 15Knifez
It's crap.
9/22/2020 c5 HelplessLiability
Love Duncan and Gwen's friendship. Also love the development.
9/22/2020 c1 HelplessLiability
I love Gwuncan. Hope Duncan will appear soon.
11/26/2019 c5 4MyFantasiMind
I would love to see this story updated! The flow of their development is spot on and just seeing the main trio associate is just great! Makes me support Courtney and Gwen's relationship (as friends) more than anything, but I'd still like to see it move forward to Gwuncan. Keep it up, youre doing great!
6/30/2018 c1 FledOut
Hey, this is NoahCarnes, I just want you to know that the review I sent you a couple years ago wasn't my original review, it was a review from one of my reviewers that was originally intended for my own story, after you sent me a negative review, but I didn't post it as I thought it sounded too bad, and wasn't worth what you sent me. But he really wanted me to post it, and when you sent me another negative review, I made the mistake of editing it (to where it didn't sound as bad), and giving it to yourself. But I am sorry for giving it to you, and I haven't been glad about it ever since.

This is my old, changed account. Feel free to PM me if you want.
12/6/2017 c5 Guest
It’s a shame this isn’t continued :(
7/9/2017 c5 Guest
Update plz
3/13/2017 c5 Guest
More more MORE
3/11/2017 c5 gwenlovely
ok again the comment below is mine, so please, update if possible
3/6/2017 c5 Guest
I'm Brazilian and would like a continuation.
I do not know if you'll read this, but I do not find many good "Gwencan" fanfics. I really like it and would like to read it to the end, but for that I need the rest of the story. This is more a request than a review. Please, just continue :( I like your development and your writing is nice (but I am not fluent in english...) I do not know how to use this site, sorry for any errors.
And sorry for my bad english.
10/28/2016 c1 RandomProz
Noah Carnes, do you know how idiotic your review sounded, you look pretty much homophobic.
7/30/2016 c5 TDWT Princess
I liked it at the end since they are getting along now:)
7/3/2016 c5 coolstrippername
When you say you have 5 out of the 14 chapters uploaded are you implying that you have them all written already but you need to edit them or is that just to tell us the number of chapters that are in the story? Just curious. Update soon please.
6/30/2016 c5 Guest
Okay fuck Seth. Update soon please!
6/27/2016 c5 Guest
Please please PLEASE update!
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