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8/6/2020 c29 5Franki3W
And just like that I'm back to giggling my head off, bed shaking, neighbours peeking over the fence to see what all the noise is about! Mela recognised Dean and kicked him in the nuts!

Melia 1 Dean 0

Oh dear, Dean found Baby and oh dear oh dear oh dear

Awwwww, Sam told Annie he loves her!

Awww they're watching photos and videos and awwww this is tooo cute!

Nooooo it can't end!
Need more!
Need more Sam & Annie!

Need sequel!
8/6/2020 c28 Franki3W
I was going to leave a very awwwwwwwwwwwwww...xtended review but then I started to cry because I think that's what Sam is feeling right now. Losing little Dean is a really big loss for him even though he doesn't want to admit it.
8/6/2020 c27 Franki3W
Love how you described getting into the Zone - LOVE it!

And just like that huh? Catch the bitch and do the spell and little Dean is no more? :-( I'm quite sad actually!
8/6/2020 c26 Franki3W
Awwww, love how they daddies all had a moment huddling over Baby :-D

Love the moments they had alone in the Impala, driving to destination, to change things yet again. I think it's going to be hard on Sam, to lose this, in a sense. He's definately more appreciative of the brother taking care of brother thing. And maybe he'll be looking at the photos and miss it really bad on some nights when he's all alone after they had a sibling misunderstanding again, but I also understand the need to have Big Brother back. Sam is actually still the little brother and in many cases a little lost boy. I hope he can record some more memories on his phone and take some more pictures to always have a reminder of these few weeks he played daddy. God knows, he deserves that and so much more - to be happy!
8/6/2020 c25 Franki3W
May I just point out that you are brilliant at writing Crowley - so in character and so sarcastic - I LOVE IT!

This is brilliant! I love this all the way!

Awwww, so BooBoo was a really kitty all along! That's so sweet!
8/6/2020 c24 Franki3W
Hahahahahaha so Sam knocked out Jared LOLOLOLOLOL Shame, poor guy!

bhahahahahaha Dean's gonna be so pissed about that rainbow sticker!

Oh oh wow, oh wow, doubles and twins, and and crowley. Where is Cas though? Oh please don't let Cliff hurt him!

Oh my word, this is so weirdly awesome!
8/6/2020 c23 Franki3W
What another dimension? WTF?! I think your Muse is on a high lolololol but I LOVE it!

Is Dean really gone though? How did he escape if the way in and out was through the door? Is Dean not stuck in their world perhaps?

Oooh, they're in our dimension *squeeeeel* I have a thing for RPF fics! Anyways, moving on!

Oemph! Poor Misha! hahahahahahahaha Wow, so they're in for a rude surprise, meeting their AU selves. That will be fun...i think. Just hope Cas will find lil Dean in time!
8/6/2020 c22 Franki3W
Yipppeee, Dean is pooping! It's only parents that get excited about smelly things like this! And then clap hands and do a happy dance. Thank goodness there are no angels or demons to attempt the snap for dirty nappies. Old fashion way is best sometimes.

I actually thought it would be great to have Cas' voice as the navigator on my Garmin but after this chapter...I'm reconsidering LOLOLOLOL hahahahahahahaha

Cute chapter!
8/6/2020 c21 Franki3W
hahahaha brilliant! Lil Dean drew a chocolate devil's trap! Absolutely brilliant!

Good heart to heart between Sam & Crowley.

Awwww, Dean is playing with the fishies and was that a Spongebob reference?!

Anyways, great chapter. Glad Cas could save the ghost and Sam could eat ice cream. Now I want ice cream too!
8/6/2020 c20 Franki3W
Poor Cas, will he have any feathers left by the end of this story?

Aww, this is the sweetest chapter. Love the POV of the ghost - sad story though and wow, Crowley's real appearane sounds scary as ...well...hell but I love this story so much! Wish it could go on for another 100 chapters more...meaning Dean has to stay little for a lot longer!
8/6/2020 c19 Franki3W
wow, that's a trip! But now dare I ask why Crowley didn't zap them to their destination then rather than let them travel by car or for the love of Chuck, just zap them once to the destination since he has to zap them back from Paris to the USA in any case. Idjit!

Crowley does have a point regarding the priceless works of art on display...not that i'm an expert or anything.

That bathtub sounds heavenly!

Did Crowley steel the ducks to make supper?

hahahahahah gas leek at McDonalds - wow, that's insane!

Awww, Sam love Annie - they're perfect for each other!

Crap, Dean is missing again? Who took him this time or is he somewhere sleeping? Oh dear oh dear oh dear!
8/6/2020 c18 Franki3W
No Sam, you're not a fuck up. You got dealt a bad hand but it's not your fault! You've not screwed up anything! Poor Sam :-( My heart breaks for him. I just want to hold him and make the bad things go away!

Awwww Crowley actually cares about Cas, that's so sweet...in a revolting way LOLOLOL

hahahaha can just imagine Crowley's bitch faces by now, rolling his eyes and all that, super annoyed with Dr Seuss!

hahahahah "Cwowwy do poop?" brilliant! Wish Sam could have recorded that to keep taunting Crowley with it. Adult Dean would LOVE it!

Wow, that was intense! John W back from the grave to just about take out an angel and a demon! WOW, just...WOW!

Awwww shame, poor Dean. Poor baby!

Oh boy, 3 toddlers in the back seat - Sam must've really grown some hair on his teeth to handle them all! My sympathies, Sam, my deepest sympathies.

Oooh Paris! That's...uhm...new. So to your question bout Dean pooping...I thought the prune juice worked by now...and for a big boy who doesn't like planes and flying, lil Dean is doing an awful lot of just that. Maybe this experience will change things for big Dean...who knows.
8/6/2020 c17 Franki3W
hahahahahaha I was waiting for that rumble in the tummy! Cas! You idjit! Bobby told ya! LOLOLOLOL Can't Cas just zap out of the car to the nearest toilet, do what needs to be done and zap back? I mean, it's funny as hell but he's Cas after all LOL!

Phew, so I guess they made it in time and there's no stains to clean?

Funny watching Crowley looking after Dean in a way...at least nobody got smitten!

Yes, I'm right there with you Sam...wondering why Crowley was there...he had something up his sleeve for sure!

hahahahaha, im not sure why they are running..i suppose something is about to go very very stinky? We have a saying for that in South Africa...so Cas literally shot the loo away? No more prune juice for you buddy!

hahahahahaha and Sam is only worried about Baby's alignment! bwhahahahahahaha
8/6/2020 c16 Franki3W
hahahahaha so Dean don't like Air-Cas even when he's little? Interesting!

Oh shit, Cas is gonna be pooping soon - even for an angel, prune duice is gonna do something...i think!

Yes, I'm with Bobby on Dean and the car and long distance and all that and then Im also with Sam regarding 2 kids in the car! Cannot be fun for anyone!

Dead? What? I'm ...crap! What? Bobby! You can't say stuff like that and just leave!

I totally understand Sam going apeshit over the lil things. Only you know what works and what won't especially on a longass roadtrip.

hahahahaha sidetracked Sam - for sure! Totally know the feeling!

Oh Crowley is going with? Hell no! There's not enough space in the impala for Dean with both Cas & Crowley - Sam might just kill them along the way!

Hahahahahaha, well, I suppose Cas had it coming...one way or another LOLOLOLOLOL

Okay, so what is up with BooBoo? Is there some ulterior motive to it or what?
8/5/2020 c15 Franki3W
Awww, I like happy Dean and I'm so there with Sam. He can marry Annie and Dean & Melia will grow up together - happy and healthy without the added hell crap. But sadly, this is not that storyline :-( One can only dream.

So will Dean be dressed as Batman? I presume? I mean, he's always been a batman fan...batman & the ballerina fairy...now that's a title for a story!

Oh, storm troopers. Oh well, I guess that could work too tho I must say...I also thought Cas would make a better Yoda :-D

hahahahahahaha the cats are neutered! Brilliant!

And then there was Crowley...damn demon spawn!
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