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2/26/2018 c10 11chidoriprime
Are you working on this stll?
6/14/2017 c10 Guest
Where is Wendy and Carla and Erza? Where are they?
3/8/2017 c10 RizomataNyan
I really hope you update this soon also how about pairing NatsuxEva it will be interesting
10/18/2016 c10 Guest
Where's Wendy Good story though sorry the shipper inside me came out but seriously Negi and Wendy I'd ship it it's also not as weird since their almost the same age
10/17/2016 c9 Guest
When is Wendy gonna show up
8/3/2015 c10 manticore-gurl071134
Think Natsu is getting to OP in this Keade and mana would not get defeated that easily.
8/1/2015 c10 PatrynHybrid
I really liked how you did Asuna. Please write her more!
8/1/2015 c10 3Bobicus
The Kaede and Mana scene was really good! Are you planning on making Kaede a major character? Or is she just showing up a lot now? And although I really do wish that there had been more Natsu I also like the fact that you aren't forgetting Negi and Asuna's close relationship. It really feels more like sister and brother to me, but I could see you doing a romantic pairing there too.

Keep up the writing! ANd please, please send us the nezt one sooner.
7/31/2015 c10 Argorok
Hope we see Erza soon.
6/24/2015 c8 9Mcxynth
Lemme guess, the plot change was Gray going with Takamichi instead of Natsu, right? *scrunches eyebrows in thought*

Anyway, my guesses right now is that Happy is with Rakan at the moment, Carla is at the magic academy Yue would be in. (Was it Ariadne? Maybe... Then that would also mean Gray would surely encounter her during his and Takamichi's journey in Mundus Magicus.) Erza... I'm not sure. Maybe out hunting dragon's horns? Or working as a mercenary? As for Lucy, the only guesses I can come up with is her working as a slave (just like Ako, Akira, and that redhead whose name I forgot), or eventually captured by Cosmo Entelecheia because of her celestial spirit prowess (you know, dimensional travel and stuff). Same for Wendy. Or maybe she could also make a living as a healer.

Ehhh those are my guesses. I'm looking forward to be proven wrong (pfft), but if it turns out I'm correct, then YAY! xD

Anyway, I love your story. For a long time I was looking for really good cross-overs, and I'm thankful I came across this. I also have to thank you for making two GraLu scenes (unintentionally, maybe? Or are you planning to make them a part of the 'sappy romance' you mentioned? :3). Hmm, and another thing, I love your writing style. I have now found one of my inspirations to write a good fantasy story/cross-over in the future.

I guess that's pretty much all I can write as a review/reaction to your story... If I remembered something I'll just include it in a review in your most recent chapter.

Hope you'll update soon, by the way. 3
5/22/2015 c1 Rio-Vena
This is awesome! There are some minor grammar issues but nothing to distracting. This could actually have happened in FT cannon, well not the Zeref part but the Tartaros attacking early part.

"with our powers combined and you leading us as our captain, we could fight anything on this planet"
Seriously 0_o a captain planet reference. Is this on purpose cause it was hilarious :D.
1/24/2015 c9 3Sakurako Nagasaki
I hope you update soon! It is a great story I want to read more! Will you write more soon, I really want to see Mana reaction to Kaede injury and I want to know where Erza and Lucy are
9/14/2014 c9 3Bobicus
Whoa boy. Another long chapter. I'd like it if they were all like this and I'm glad that I'm all caught up.

I'm not sure where you're going with it, but I can definitely tell that you're up to something. There are plot threads and red herrings all over and I can't tell which is which.

The fight with Kaede was solid. I'd have liked to see more, but it was pretty good. I'm really interested to see if you pair him with her or with someone else like Eva or Chao. Speaking of which, where is she?

Good chapter, and I hope that your next one comes soon!
9/14/2014 c8 Bobicus
Huh. No one uses Kazumi as a character. Nice viewpoint.
9/14/2014 c7 Bobicus
Awww... and here I was expecting another really long chapter. Oh well. It's still a decent length.

Good chapter, although it had a strong transition feel to it. I'm glad that you got out of the Diorama. I'm not a fan of the Demons but I'm glad that you brought in someone to face the FT gang - just as long as you don't make them OP.

And placing Happy with HIM of all people? Lmao! Poor kitty.
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