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5/9/2016 c8 Phant0m5
The students were wandering around. Unless, of course, whatever they were wondering about was what was causing the stress. But you have to admit, it's kind of an odd image - a bunch of people just standing around, thinking things to themselves. Wandering around, which means walking around aimlessly, makes for a much better scene.
5/9/2016 c7 Phant0m5
Many, many times here you've written "would of". What you mean to say is "would've", which is a contraction of "would have", which you could have also written. "Would of" is just plain nonsense.
4/10/2016 c9 Mike3207
Thank you for the reference. I always appreciate it when one of my reviews makes a impact.

If they can get Buffy and the Scoobies to trust them, there are things the federal government can do to to help them, if not the FBI.

Depending on when in Season 5 this might be, they can really use some financial support. Student loans for Buffy to help her go back to college, regular salary that approached the military-after all her way of life is just as risky and she helps to protect the public, along with any funds needed for other purposes.

Tactics and training. Giles really hasn't done a very good job of training them in tactics, strategy, or battle plans. They can bring in those who are skilled in it to help the whole group better able to deal with the evil forces in Sunnydale.

Armament-the federal government has access to the most advanced and up to date weapons and armor. It's another thing that can help with the Scoobies, even if a lot of that that was not as effective with the Initiative.
4/5/2016 c9 locardxchange
I am so happy you added another chapter to the story, so many writers just drop them. I like the way you have Morgan having the biggest problem with this, it is the way I thought he would acted. I am guessing this is after Riley left or he would be around and call in favors.

Looking forward to more..
4/5/2016 c9 spk
So ecstatic to see this update. Can't wait to see the rest of the team's reactions. :)
4/5/2016 c9 hippomattimus
So glad you're keeping this up! It's a great story :)
1/11/2016 c5 Guest
Major error - Garcia's voice was eligible from its place on the floor. Eligible is wrong; it should be audible.
Recurring error: would of, could of and should of - OF is wrong; it should be would have, could have and should have. OR what you are thinking of is would've, could've and should've which sounds like would of, could of and should of
1/11/2016 c1 Guest
Major error: The Medical report says that Wong was a few millimeters short of the minimum amount of blood humans need to survive.
The term is milliliters. Millimeters is a measure of distance
1/3/2016 c8 wondersofthessia
I really hope you continue this story because it was just getting really good.
10/27/2015 c8 41enchanted nightingale
10/22/2015 c8 Princesakarlita411
Oh my . Really good
10/17/2015 c8 Guest
Thanks! I love that chapter and I love the last part. Reid face expression omg. Great chapter
10/18/2015 c8 Mike3207
Of course, the question then becomes, once the FBI knows about the existence of vampires and demons, what can they really do about it.
10/18/2015 c8 1NANA100
lol poor morgan got showd up by a girl his ego I see it dying
10/17/2015 c8 DeepBlueJoy
Glad to see you're managing to update more often than me... I really do like when folk like the BAU get their eyes opened real wide! Please continue writing.


and soon, if you don't mind! :-)
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