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4/1 c1 Robert Richards1
I think this story is great only probable i have with it s the fact you chose hinata as his girllike fuu is right there, i don't have a problem with people who like hinata but in fanfics there just too many narutoxhinata pairings and not enough of other pairings, i personaly just don't like Hinata cause she's too timid but in this story she was fine but I still think fuu is a better option then hinata.
3/31 c45 kingpj999
Man is a shame thst this fic seems abandoned since is funny as hell, the characters are lively filled with lot of personality (more than canon even) and the overall writing is extremely good that make you never stop reading.
3/18 c8 Guest
Author san, you shouldn’t let readers bully you into writing about their fantasies. Keep to your own creativity and those that don’t like it will move on. But I promise you alot more will enjoy as long as you keep to your authenticity. Actually, readers who still whine about naruhina at this point, should think about finding another fandom and stop ruining for other readers. Thank you for your fic.
3/18 c1 nnnnmhughuuhhjiijj
Finally... A good Naruto fanfic... I thought those were rumors only existing in myths and legends.
3/16 c8 kingpj999
The author is really acknowledged about the three years training. Many people compained that Naruto didn't learn anything aside the odama rasengan but that's completely wrong. The training was to adapt Naruto's body to handle the Kyuuby chakra and his own Uzumaki storage. Had not been for that training Naruto wouldn't had never mastered the Raseenshuriken or Sage Mode in record time.
3/15 c1 Marco Zilvetti
Any fic featuring Naruto and the Nine Bijuus inside him is my cup of tea, I just love them.
3/7 c19 christianvirtudazo07
I'm a bit disappointed that 1st and 2nd Hokage wont stay permanently
3/7 c18 christianvirtudazo07
Shukaku and Kurama bonding over mutual hatred for Uchiha's!

Revived 1st and 2nd Hokage. Yeah, dont fuck with Konohagakure
2/29 c18 harphine
so its harder for naruto from the future with 9 tailed beast to beat garra then cannon naruto
2/18 c11 2Pinkypi
I agree with all the changes except the boots. The sandals are the superior footwear for Shinobi life.
2/16 c9 sumit
why make the scene so stupid like canon.
if a person has enough time to run and stand in front of chiddori then he must have enough time to jut grab the hand from side and move it away from target simple.
1/29 c7 Brian
Sigh I promise no flames. I already gave my reasons for Anko x Naruto and I already said my piece how I feel about Hinata. Yea she is a good character and wish a real life Hinata is around. I just wanted Anko x Naruto to happen really bad. So meanwhile if the hints are anything serious maybe we will get Kakashi x Kurenai? Since this is fanfic, we don’t always have to have canon relationship happening do we? Hence my argument for Anko x Naruto. Good luck getting past Kurenai hating if perverted things like the book Kakashi always has.
1/29 c4 Brian
Well let’s be honest here. Sakura sending Ino flying in no big feat. Both Sakura and Ino are pretty weak strength wise. Both girls barely trained because of their crush. But fanfics are all about a little twist here and there. Still you have an uphill battle with me if you want me to care about Sakura. Now on to romance I have a suggestion for you. Anko Miterashi. Anko like Naruto is hated by Konoha for events beyond their control. Anko being the student of Orochimaru the biggest traitor of Konoha and Naruto is hated by Konoha for containing Kurama. Both Anko and Naruto are outcasts. Both are passionate and impulsive and fun loving people. Both are named after food. As a result,Anko and Naruto can connect with each other better then anyone else can. I do like Hinata but she gets so many stories about Naruto x Hinata and poor Anko barely gets any. Or more likely gets shoehorned into a relationship that simply doesn’t work. I do like the idea of the Bijuu all being inside of Naruto,it’s definitely an original idea.
1/21 c1 1bibink729
please pair kurama with Naruto yugito, guren, yugao and not hinata
1/9 c8 1sumikoo
Saitama reference
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