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1/27 c2 8EclipseFirelight
This chapter has a confusion between the sisters, often calling Nirvana "Rose" and Rose "Pixel". I don't know what you're going to do with that, but I suggest rereading the chapter and fixing it as you go.
10/2/2021 c14 Barricade911
please make chapter 15 i love this story
10/2/2021 c13 Barricade911
at least barricade felt sorry for rose and didn't rape her im glad he was gentle with her same with soundwave as well normally they wouldn't be gentle but i guess this is a one time thing
10/2/2021 c12 Barricade911
at least soundwave was nice enough to fix her ribs and for a decepticon hes not so bad
10/2/2021 c11 Barricade911
well looks like barricade and soundwave care about those two girls and barricade is mad about what happened to rose
10/2/2021 c9 Barricade911
well shit and i believe that nirvana and drift make a good couple and so does ironhide and rose and why does barricade have to be such a damn creep and a child predator? he literally blown his cover alright
10/2/2021 c8 Barricade911
how old is rose? just wondering
10/2/2021 c7 Barricade911
this story is pretty good
10/2/2021 c6 Barricade911
and it was starting to get good oh well
10/2/2021 c5 Barricade911
this will be good
10/2/2021 c4 Barricade911
the grammar needs fixing and i just noticed that this is much more different than the first transformers movie itself
10/2/2021 c3 Barricade911
wait what did barricade use his seatbelts to touch her inappropriately?
10/2/2021 c2 Barricade911
that's what i love about barricade hes hostile violent and angry
6/27/2015 c14 31GirlWhoLovesAnime
This story gettin' good bro! Hurry and update! :D
5/13/2015 c14 Secret
WHAT!Tell me the sparkling isn't the two girls PLS! But rather a thing that occurred when the two girls essentially made an EMP! I swear, if it is(OMP TRIPLE I's!) the girls as that sparkling I swear...
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