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for A Little Fall of Rain?

4/13/2017 c11 Guest
Noooooo! Keep going, I love this story!
4/13/2017 c9 Guest
Yes! Into the woods reference, nice! And I love Courf
7/23/2015 c11 DaisyChainMayhem
Noooooooooooooooo I'm crying now...
Urgh really REALLY good story. I ship Marionine so so sooooooo much and the ending on this chapter... FANGIRL FEELS! Thank you for creating this work of art x
1/18/2015 c11 6Catapapalilar x3
Lovely as always. I hope your private life issues ease up and you can get into the swing of writing :)
1/5/2015 c11 1CrimsoCrescendo
;A; asdfghjkl
1/4/2015 c11 QuiddityOfMe
1/4/2015 c11 3clarinetluvr811
I was so excited when I found out you updated the story! Nicely written chapter.
7/13/2014 c10 7judybear236
Very touching. Well written. LOved the remarks.
7/12/2014 c10 23Little-miss-laughs-alot
That nearly made me cry. Thanks for that. Really liked the chapter!
2/18/2014 c9 Little-miss-laughs-alot
I can't tell you how grateful I am that you're continuing this story! I'm really looking forward to seeing the direction you're taking with this!
2/17/2014 c9 7judybear236
A funeral? That might be hard to come by - they're all wanted by the police. How would they pull that off?

Good description of Courf recovering. Good imagery.
1/21/2014 c8 SimplyMae
I desperately need this story... Eponine deserve her happy ending.
1/19/2014 c8 judybear236
Finally! Success ... maybe. After being in a coma, will he remember anything?

Good chapter. Nice musings.
1/19/2014 c6 judybear236
Yay for Courf! ... if Gav is correct!

Good imagery! Well written
1/19/2014 c5 judybear236
Getting reacquainted. That's funny that Marius was unaware that he was introducing former best friends to each other!
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