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12/4/2017 c2 catspats31
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2/14/2017 c9 Pervertedmoon
Niiiiice. That's an extremely satisfying ending. Just what I was hoping for.
6/14/2015 c9 2ChuckNorris'ssister
Hmmm... Could you make a sequel please? Please, please please?
3/3/2014 c1 3GirlsDontCry
I really liked it. I hope you make another similar. I would I have to read more about their sessions with the doctor
2/12/2014 c9 SelenaQuintanillaLOVER
Whooh what a crazy story man!
2/11/2014 c8 melissamary55
really good chapter and what is up with Rosaline and picking all the girls up
2/9/2014 c9 debslmac
loved this
2/9/2014 c9 CACARUS
really good story.
I would have like a little more detail on Bella's hypnosis. also who was really doctor Cullen? first you said Carlisle and in the end you said Edward?
2/9/2014 c8 4Mrs.HappyAnarchy
Confused are they all in on it? Was Rose apart of the whole thing?
2/9/2014 c8 debslmac
loving this
1/30/2014 c1 Mrs.HappyAnarchy
I get the feeling that dr cullen is Carlisle not Edward
1/30/2014 c7 melissamary55
wow love it and Edward sure work fast with bella and cant wait to read who kill him was it Jacob update oon
1/30/2014 c6 melissamary55
really good and who is Rosaline calling
1/30/2014 c5 melissamary55
love it and why did Rosaline took the files also was she involved
1/30/2014 c4 melissamary55
wow poor Charlie seen his daughter and other girls been used like that by Edward
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