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11/1/2019 c5 derektomlinson
videl hissing saying to her husband wtf wth is wrong with you i think chichi hit you on your head with that frying pan of hers too much times what happen to the sweet naive sly demi super sayianman teenaged boy that i fell in love with now you listen here son gohan you can t go saying you why you did not kill me i was always your mate you was too blind to see it
6/3/2017 c5 1gabelou1991
5/9/2017 c2 yo
wtf just happened
11/15/2016 c5 the choice
gohan rapes videl and finds kid trunks and rapes him
11/5/2016 c5 tabriggs1975
This pretty good. I wish there was more.
7/27/2016 c2 Guest
Shitty pig
8/5/2014 c5 LegendOfTomorrow
bitch! Update soon, oh wait you havent in nine years you bitch!
6/19/2005 c5 Guest
I actually really like the plot, but the actually meat of the story needs some work. Carry on, though, it'd be a shame for you not to update it..
4/26/2005 c5 WiseImmortal
hey, nice story, I like the perspective, keep it up.
3/27/2005 c5 8miroku-has-darkness
aesoem update soon but where is goten and trunks
3/20/2005 c2 8simba-rulz
This story sounds like it has a good plot, but...no offence of anything...you have the grammar of a first grader. You need quotation marks for one. It's hard to tell who's speaking. Also, it's better to spell out words when you're writing. "U" should be "You." I would continue with this story, but because of how poorly written it is, I don't think I could stand to see another chapter of terrible English grammar. x_x
6/22/2004 c1 Vesu
Get a beta reader. You need a ton of grammar and paragrapg help, and also work on your plot. The first chapter is short, but it has the point and makes you want to read more. The next chapters though are a severe disappointment.
5/28/2004 c4 firestarter1188
come on update
5/8/2004 c3 1Dargon Sheinto
i don't like to give bad reviews. I also don't mind Gohan gone bad stories, but atleast give a some what decent explanation as to why he freaks out and goes crazy.
5/7/2004 c3 See You Auntie
The mental vomit produced by some authors these days is astounding.
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