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for Devil In Disguise (Oh Yes You Are)

7/2/2016 c1 Mickey
I loved it
3/15/2016 c1 16magicanimegurl
O.O Its 'f'-ed up but a bit HOT at the same time. The ending though... Write on!
10/10/2015 c1 26TheCauldron
wow, that was seriously fucked up. well done!
12/11/2014 c1 FLez
Holy Shit.
You have no idea how glad I am you continued this. It's brilliant - sexily brilliant.
Damn, I love this horrible, abusive arrangement they've ended up with.
Can't wait to read the next part x3
1/26/2014 c1 23Angelwarrior1
Intense stuff here, got hard to read at some parts, like the actual flesh cutting and tearing. I imagine Sam will be rather distraught about it once his soul comes back and he remembers. Seems to be a rather bleak and fucked up relationship for these two developing. Also, hoping to see Harry just say 'fuck it' and leave Ginny, either that or have Sam scare her half to death and tell her just whom Harry belongs to.

1/26/2014 c1 Janieceal
I can't wait for the next installment though I freak'in love this one
1/26/2014 c1 4SecretsOfaFanGirl
omg! this definitely needs a another sequel... please! hahaha! I can't believe you made Sam soooo evil, that it should be illegal. hahahah! another please!
1/20/2014 c1 29Sakura Lisel
I like it, and hope you continue it. *lol* especially if Harry's pregnant. He's going to have to tell his WIFE and the rest of his family sometime about what he's really been up to. Or does he really think he can hide it all the way to the day the kid is born?
1/19/2014 c1 AfterTheIceMelts
Oh god, I really wanna see what happens when Sam actually has his soul! And what will Dean think? Oh, I wanna know so bad! Please update soon? *puppy dog eyes*
1/19/2014 c1 32Lizzy Pheonix
Wow. I am again left speechless. That was pretty fucked up but I mean that in a positive way. At this point my only objection to this story is Ginny. I hate that Harry is cheating on her. Hopefully after this encounter they will break up? I'm excited to see Dean in the next installment though I've no idea how Harry would react to Samsoul. Will Sam remember Harry? If he does he'll feel really guilty.

Anyway Loved this! It was fabulous and messed up but still fabulous. :)
1/19/2014 c1 4110301
I really hope you make like a sequel to this where Sam and Harry run into each other again only it after Sam has his emotions back and he's just beating himself up inside over it and Harry's all terrified of him and like every time Harry sees Sam move towards him he just kind of flinches or something and it's like Sam taking a knife in the gut every single time and Dean doesn't know what the hell happened so he's all like what happened and he keeps bitching at Sam and it just makes Sam feel even worse and then later Sam somehow sees the S W he carved onto just about ready to kill himself because he forgot he actually did that and he just kind of break down and if you did something like that it would be totally awesome.
Why do I want this for a simple reason of course I love seeing my favorite characters get tortured.

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