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10/10/2019 c5 Guest
Can you udpload this this story please :-)
12/19/2017 c1 1BrokenHalo IsAwesome
Punctuation and capitalization are somewhat poor. But overall, good story!
10/21/2016 c5 shezowfan24
please do another chapter plzzzzzzzzzz! it was soooooooo gooooooooood!
5/29/2016 c4 17Cashagon
Hairy legs aren't just a guy thing. I'm a girl, and mine are really hairy. The only way to make them smooth is to shave, or wax them. And head hair will grow longer anyways, not just if your a boy.
8/30/2015 c5 Seniorita yo-yo
Hi I just finish reading your work and your story is so interesting... I hope you can update soon, thanks for sharing and keep up the good work :)
8/9/2015 c5 JonahSalvadorV1
Uhm, okay- wow. So like what, did it explode? Extreme estrogen levels would not induce a literal transformation of the genders. He'd just develop female secondary sex characteristics and maybe stunt the growth of male ones depending on how far along puberty he already is. That is to say his sex organs would become non functioning and maybe immature. If a transformation did occur it wouldn't be that cataclysmic because the organ systems already exist. Female fetuses become male children in utero so the anatomy is already in place if you wanted to invert the transformation. If there is a medical staff of superheroes doctors in a super facility, why was he not already going there? You know hormone replacement therapy is a thing right? This transformation was far from inevitable and perfectly treatable with the tech we already have. Magic would have been neater as an explanation.

Although I really don't understand why, Guy seems perfectly okay with his conflicted gender. Though he tries to be Rated M for Manly he has no problem playing the part of a girl when the situation calls and is seen slipping between roles occasionally. While a literal transformation would be disturbing it would not necessarily be upsetting. The relationship between Maz and Guy seems off, I don't think he would want to shut him out in instances like this and I can't see them switching to romance in the manner described. Just doesn't feel natural or organic. How does and estrogen overdose explain a hairless body or longer, smoother hair? These things have to be maintained, they don't grow like that.

Also, if Droosha knew her son (?) was Shezow why was she surprised in Momnesia when she found out and why does she continue to remember after they smashed the glamrock to make her forget? Tara didn't actually turn out bad, she only became a villain after Guy failed to recognize her, in Aunt Agnes' time she merely faded into obscurity. Why didn't Kelly attempt any great kind of medical care besides towels? Like tampons or something? Does the super hero medical facility have a super staff? I wanna see Dynamo Doc, Nega Nurse, Ghost Medic and I V.

Besides the consistency and medical issues I have, the story as written has few negligible grammar issues and occasional run on sentences. It would be easier to read if you break the paragraph blocks down further to where dialogue is separate from the narration. Try to throw in a little scenery and description so that the story is not set in a vacuum. Also, don't advertise that you suck at summaries in your description. If you can't write a summery how do we expect you to write a fic? Also, was the ring not meant for a boy? I know he snatches the ring from Kelly in the pilot but later episodes state that the ring chooses the wizard and there's an implication that Aunt Agnes intended for Guy to inherit it.
7/19/2015 c5 2StanleyPines
Omg! She-mazing story!
7/19/2015 c5 Jerry Unipeg
Sore some family secret is coming out. Well done in this chapter!
7/7/2015 c4 Annabell242
moar plz?
7/1/2015 c4 StanleyPines
This story is AMAZING!
6/20/2015 c4 Vinyl Dash
This is awesome!
4/7/2015 c4 Guest
Cool! Good idea. Wonder what'd happen if he got his period though...
10/15/2014 c4 36StringDman
Great Story. No Offense But You Do Have Some Grammer Issues, But Other Than That, Great Story.
You Should Definitely Continue It.
8/26/2014 c4 guest
When is the next chapter coming out
7/17/2014 c4 gundam09090
This story getting better every time.
Great work I can feel the emotional drama building.
Cant wait for the next chapter and adding a new player in this game mit make it better so we have to see lol.
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