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12/3/2023 c95 30Yung Warrior
It's too bad you're feeling this way about fanfiction, I like a lot of your ideas and I think we hold similar views on many series/characters. But I think it happens to a lot of ppl over time where they become disenchanted with fanfiction regardless of review count, you've stuck with it longer than a lot of authors. I was looking at your profile and it appears you've deleted a lot of your old stories, may I ask why is that? Also, you should bring back your top ten lists in your profile, I enjoyed reading them. All the best!
10/5/2023 c4 AlastorEX616
Go kill yourself?
9/1/2023 c95 Terastrasza
The reason I think your no longer getting reviews and favs is because you keep abandoning stories. Why would someone bother writing a review of follow your story if its just gonna be abandoned, I love 3 of your stories but they were abandoned with no explanation.
3/20/2023 c74 shiro1234e
oh cool I was scared when I didn't find this and warrior of the unknown seas in my library. glad to see I can still reread them here! big fan of your work and I hope one day you continue them!
hope you have a good day
3/17/2023 c16 Colshan
Yeah imma just skip these, because honestly fuck Ryoga.
3/6/2023 c1 thomascastillo9987
do a bleach or Naruto/Valkyrie profile crossover
1/18/2020 c5 firebluebird2006
where is Yuzu in this?
4/25/2018 c1 1YaoiTora
Are Sasuke and Naruto gay in this fanfic?

I’m not against this. I was just curious. That’s all...
4/21/2018 c22 atlasi2389
Go kill yourself asshole
2/24/2018 c12 3Wolfang21
can't wait for more naruto in ranma chapters in the future I really enjoyed this also I wonder how Naruto will handle ukyo and shampo but I want to see his fight against Happy and Cologne
2/16/2018 c62 Guest
Hey Thugsbunny Do You Kiss Your Mom with that Mouth Of Yours.

There is Nothing Thuggish About you. Lol
12/31/2017 c62 Guest
The idea makes sense.. It just,Shallow writing, You do same thing in all of your stories
12/19/2017 c31 firebluebird2006
this is just a repost of last chapter
12/19/2017 c3 firebluebird2006
and all ya did is kill his dad instead of his mom when doing something like this you need to do more then mention the crossover
12/19/2017 c2 firebluebird2006
Doesn't seem like he move on
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