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11/19/2017 c11 Cat
Please please continue. The story if so sweet. I know you have health problems, but I beg you to continue. I know its been so long since you written, but pleases continue the amazingly sweet and emotionally moving story. I really hope if they ever made a sequel it would be like this.
11/17/2017 c8 cat
6/25/2016 c11 1M.G36
Truly beautiful! That's all I can say about this story!

Please please please, update soon!
6/13/2016 c11 LaLadyCavalier
This is an astonishingly wonderful tale; I hope you fully realize that. The writing is incredibly in-keeping with the original. I've never seen anything quite like it.
Now I am going to your profile page in hopes to find even more. :D
6/12/2016 c2 LaLadyCavalier
Oh my goodness GRACIOUS I envy your incredible writing. Why can't I do this to?! T_T (Don't answer that, ha ha.)
6/12/2016 c1 LaLadyCavalier
Oh my goodness, this crossover is healing two of my greatest story wounds ever, one from my childhood and one from my teens! The little match girl story made me cry and cry when I was young, and the Phantom still does the same, so it's wonderful you're putting them together. :D I love the writing so far too, which is always a good quality for a story to have, LOL.
5/30/2016 c11 maraudergurl2010
I'm sorry, but this story is downright beautiful. I think I've cried twice so far, and in the best way possible. Like, when you cry, and feel cozy about it afterwards, grateful that you managed for it to happen.

I love Lotte, and that she chose that name for herself, and is so exquisitely gentle and adoring of Erik as her 'Papa'. I love the way you have her express her trust and interest in Erik, the finger tugging and pant-clutching. Every detail is so lovely and tender. And Lotte just suits him so well as a child. I'm just obsessed.

And Erik's journey of development from suicidal madness into responsible parenthood is Flaw. Less. Rocky and bumpy and full of mishap and spanning the right length of time to feel legitimate. That turning point chapter you had noted, that was wonderfully heartbreaking, especially to read his realization of just what it was that Lotte feared and Lotte loved. God, I loved that.

And Madame Giry is wonderful. I like how you've kept her occupation true to the original canon, and yet made her still so badass. I feel like she has a Mrs Hudson-like air about her to Erik's Sherlock-ish awkward genius. :P It's delightful.

Also, thank you for the kick ass inclusion of real deal Persian details, what with the Mazendarani background for our dear Monsieur Behrouzi, and for the poetry that Erik reads to Lotte. Perfect balance of refreshing cultural nuance and plot development there.

So, seriously, just thank you. Also, mad props to you for the slow reveal of Erik's own misconceptions about how people view him and where he might actually stand in terms of the good-bad continuum of society. I like how there's a simple explanation for Christine and the ring, for Ismael and his miscommunication with Erik, and Madame Giry's liking of Erik as a person. Just, mad, mad props.
5/28/2016 c11 27CluelessKitten
What a difficult conversation for Erik. Although the daroga has no reason not to suspect his motives for taking Lotte in, it's still a painful accusation. The resentment Erik holds for him doesn't help the conversation along very much, either, but at least they both got through the event physically unscathed and without any misunderstandings.

It was a nice touch that you put in mention of Christine. It gave a sort of ... closure, I guess, concerning hers and Erik's connection to each other.
5/25/2016 c11 Mominator124
I'm not sure what to say about this chapter. I enjoyed it, and got the expected defensive explanation regarding Lotte's presence in Erik's home, but the warning came as a surprise, as did the seeming end to the "friendship" between him and the Persian.

What was it that made Erik weep? Was it that Ishmael seemed to think that Erik might have an unhealthy interest in a young female child, or was it the news that Christine had borne a daughter?

5/24/2016 c11 10Kumon5
They have always been at odds, haven't they? The daroga wanted to assuage his guilt, to make sure no one ever disturbed the Phantom again, to clear his conscience- but what happened was the opposite.
I sense that the detective might force Erik and Lotte to move somewhere. It seems the logical thing to do, after the opera's scandal, but Erik is a man of routine. However, more than that, he is a man of self-preservation. Will he move far away? Lotte needs stability more than he does.
Christine seems to be haunted by her own guilt. I do hope she wasn't permanently damaged by her little stunt in the Louis-Philippe room. Did he ever clean the blood off?
Behrouzi is a suspicious man. He knows what Erik is capable of, and he was being cautious. Still, he should have seen that Erik was only taking care of Lotte as a daughter, not an obsession... That much should have been obvious.
5/24/2016 c10 Kumon5
Ah! She will have some company at last! It will be good for her to learn how to interact with others her age. Lotte seems the type to imitate others, and Erik isn't exactly the most social person.
The daroga is a meddlesome man, I believe. Dinner conversation with him seems almost dangerous! Maybe Lotte thought that Behrouzi was going to take her away.
Sly of him to break in and catch Erik cooking. I understand that Erik dislikes the daroga for constantly following him, but his intentions are well enough...
I thought it was funny how Erik got all 'protective dad' when the daroga started questioning Lotte. After all, he has only been her papa for a few weeks.
5/24/2016 c9 Kumon5
Awww, so adorable! That was a terrible scare she gave him, almost drowning in the lake like that! That would be not once, but twice he's saved her life now.
I am glad that she's chosen a name for herself. I do not know what her name might have been before, but it must have been a trigger- she wouldn't like to keep the name her father called her.
Erik is a father now! I think this has him growing as much as she is.
This is the second time someone's thought he was an angel. Lightning really does strike twice, doesn't it? Haha, Erik the lightning rod. He's certainly tall enough for it.
5/24/2016 c8 Kumon5
This is good. He took to her more easily than I expected. It was adorable how he obliged her so easily, taught her to read and write, even made a book! Erik should know that making a book together means a lot to the girl...
She also has the dreams of an ordinary girl. Her description of a great feast is just what a starving child would dream of, and it sounded delicious even to me!
He shouldn't have dropped the bomb like that, but what else could he do? I see the difficulty. He likes her, and she wants to stay with him. After all, he's probably been the nicest person she's come across since 'grandmother.'
5/24/2016 c11 Gaby1964
While the reason of the daroga's return has been clarified, I'm still puzzling over Delacroix. But I trust, you'll sort it out for your readers in one of the following chapters.

Poor Erik, once again so sad ! He should take Lotte ( and for all I care the voluble Madame Giry ;) ) and leave his underground home, ... leave and live a life far away from Milfroid and the de Chagnys ...
I'm so hoping for a happy ending for him and the flea :)

Thank you for another update ( I'm already looking forward to the next ), this story is really amazing :)
5/23/2016 c7 Kumon5
Yes, she isn't mute! She still doesn't have a name, but that's okay, because now she'll get quite the education.
Giry is quite clever; she manipulated Erik into letting the little girl stay...
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