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for A New Redheaded Cheerleader - Book Two

9/14/2016 c116 Linkwonka88
Will there be a third part? I wanna know what's g
10/6/2015 c115 4CajunBear73
Monkey-Battle Royal about to start!

8/29/2015 c111 CajunBear73

8/9/2015 c107 CajunBear73
Dun, dun, dun...
7/29/2015 c104 CajunBear73 really have to grow a pair.

You know?

7/27/2015 c103 CajunBear73
Poor Ron, first the tickets, then he jinxes the mission...

Guess he'll never learn.

7/8/2015 c102 23Joyce LaKee
Still enjoying this story-looking forward to more!

happy writing
6/28/2015 c101 Joyce LaKee
Okay, this is moving right along.
Looking forward to more.
Happy writing
6/23/2015 c100 Joyce LaKee
Whoa, whoa, whoa...

Did you just make a "Weekender's" reference?

Yes..yes, you did.

And LOL at the cute bunny bait!

Happy writing.
6/6/2015 c99 4CajunBear73
Ron had better catch up to whatever he's been ignoring in education, or he's going to be a convenience store clerk for the rest of his life. If Fist lets him get that far up the employment ladder.

And now Monty and Vanessa are in cross hairs...

5/22/2015 c97 6TerrorKing10
Look forward to reading more.
2/12/2015 c88 4CajunBear73
Ron hopefully will step up his game, to save Kim...but he will have to keep that a secret too, won't he?

Race with Fist coming up.

12/28/2014 c58 dr-fanmai-lover
will connie&loonie-gite-beytredyd
12/12/2014 c76 CajunBear73
Ron's about to get into trouble...with his nemesis, ain't he?

And you borrowed heavily from 'Caddy Shack' and that pool scene, didn't ya? LOL!

11/28/2014 c73 23Joyce LaKee
Getting caught up with this. Interesting crossover with Willy Wonka.
Happy writing.
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