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for A New Redheaded Cheerleader - Book Two

5/17/2014 c31 4CajunBear73
This is going to go sooooo well...


5/10/2014 c30 CajunBear73
Oh boy, another whack Doofenshmirtz plot going sideways.

Can't wait for the drama and angst of Kim and Candace mixed up and interacting with Ron and Jeremy...

Wonder what Ron was going to ask Kim? Or what he would have?

5/5/2014 c22 1KhanLovr
It seems that Veruca can't wait to get into trouble! ;-) I hope Bonnie and Tara warn Kim in time.

Poor, poor Candace! I think we can all relate, though; some days, everything seems to go wrong.

I'm eager to find out what happens in the next chapter. :-)
4/22/2014 c21 KhanLovr
I'm sure a 'truce' offered by Veruca is shallow and not long-lasting. ;-) Of course, it's obvious she has no sincerity.

I'm anxious to find out what happens next!
4/12/2014 c20 KhanLovr
Though Kim can hold her own, I still feel sorry for her, having to talk to the vile peanut heiress! I'm anxious to find out how things will go down. ;-)
4/5/2014 c19 KhanLovr
Yes, now Kim has no choice to but to accept that Veruca is indeed free; but with this knowledge, I hope Kim will be able to help Candace make it on the cheerleading squad.

By the way, I love how vicious the rich snob girls are made out to be in this story (they're great villains)! ;-)
3/29/2014 c18 KhanLovr
Wow, Rebecca is even more ruthless than Veruca! I feel sorry for Sandi, and am certainly worried for Candace!

Funny chapter; I loved the flashback with Veruca treating her parents like dogs (really twisted)! ;-)
3/23/2014 c17 KhanLovr
Funny stuff (especially about the ineptness of the henchmen)!

Now that Killigan has been thwarted, I hope Kim will have time to handle the rest of her plans (the restaurant incident aside, she still has to train Candace to be a cheerleader). ;-)
3/19/2014 c16 KhanLovr
At least Candace has a chance to remove the lollipop from her hair. ;-)

Too bad the detonator couldn't be stopped in time, but I'm sure Killigan is in for a surprise, once Kim and Ron catch up to him!
3/16/2014 c15 KhanLovr
Veruca is truly evil! I'm anxious to find out how her next plan will be carried out. ;-)
3/6/2014 c14 KhanLovr
Poor Candace! I wonder if she'll ever get the lollipop out of her hair? :-D

Killigan was particularly nasty in this chapter; not only did he torture his prisoner with off-key bagpipe playing, he had no respect for marine biology!

I'm eager to find out what happens next.
3/5/2014 c14 4CajunBear73
I'd have thought they'd be gators, not crocodiles...

2/27/2014 c13 1KhanLovr
Poor Candace, thwarted again! ;-)

I'm eager to find out what Killigan is up to!
2/25/2014 c12 KhanLovr
Poor Heinz! Insult to injury! ;-)

Candace may have a lot of difficulty busting her brothers this time, considering the delay (and mess) fetching her mother, but it will be interesting to see what happens.

Fun chapter, and I look forward to the next one!
2/24/2014 c11 KhanLovr
Wow, Beaker really is a jerk! This is a funny chapter! :-D

I wonder what Killigan has in mind for the grass formula; I will assume it has to do with golf.
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