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6/15/2014 c7 Blue eyes to 30
Wow. not expecting that
3/23/2014 c7 11tris-everdeen99
OH A CLIFFY! I can't wait for more :D
3/13/2014 c7 30Gracie in wonderland
More Please

Gracie :)
3/7/2014 c7 1staringhope
No, This isn't possible! How can he not love her! Wait, that means they're stuck!
2/24/2014 c6 11tris-everdeen99
Albus are a sneakish old man.
Yay for you, you finished the story! Lovely and cute, a short but sweet ending. I like it :) Do you even need to ask? Of course I want to read a sequel :D Hope to see more soon...?
T x
2/24/2014 c6 Tigermusic
awsome :-)
2/24/2014 c6 25Sorceress of Magic
2/24/2014 c6 1staringhope
Please either make the sequel, or finish the story with phase two!
2/23/2014 c5 11tris-everdeen99
Yay for you! Another chapter! D'aww, you're always welcome xoxox
The second paragraph made me laugh my arse off. Oooh, Hermione can be fiendishly conniving. I like it :D The confusion is hilarious but genius.
THEY KISSED. Nooo, Hermione, why slap him again? Go slap Ron or someone equally stupid for the love of Merlin. Lord above, I need another chapter to stop myself from being driven into insanity. *hint hint*
Hope you update soon...
t xx
2/23/2014 c4 tris-everdeen99
:) I thought that this was a chapter which I'd failed to review but I was wrong! Hope you get more time to write later xx
2/3/2014 c3 tris-everdeen99
Sorry I'm in a rush - but this is a great chapter. Looking forward to more xo
2/3/2014 c3 dutch potterfan
Really liked this story. Looking forward to the second part
2/1/2014 c2 2PurpleNarwhal
Oh I love where this is going. Could you add a few more detailed descriptions of the settings?
1/29/2014 c2 1chloe cauliflower
Teehee! I've never been replied too in a story before! Thanks!
1/25/2014 c2 1xxwinterbeautyxx
update soon
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