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4/9/2016 c1 Alice aquabld
half of the writing is good. half of it kind of a blur I dont understand.
8/17/2015 c1 7A Rabid Fan
Just wanna say something but I don't really like the way your portrayed Sakura. She seemed to stern and matronly which doesn't fit with the image your trying to create. Perhaps have the next chapter in her P.O.V or include some more gentle sentences rather than the harsh and abrasive feel I get from the sentences currently. Otherwise I like the story and support the Naruto pairing! Kiba seems to brash...and sorry but irritating right now so. Won't support him in this fic. Great job, and update soon!

A Rabid Fan
3/16/2014 c1 75VesperChan
I should be starting on my science content packet and do big girl homework, but I don't want to and I after exhausting the little motivation I had to stay away from fun things on the internet, I end up looking for Sakura stories to read again. Damn I missed this, you have no idea how much I've been missing this. Badass females that get shit done and captivate the world in their wake make me loose it like a pre teen fangirl at a one direction concert. Like you, I've graduated from high-school and moved into the adult world where I have college classes and big girl pants. I'm an adult that can vote, buy booze and cigarettes whenever I want, but I usually just end up spending that money on voodoo dolls for my phone or Hayao Miyazaki movies. But I've stopped trying to understand how I seem unable to leave these simple pleasures behind to the season of my youth. It makes me happy, so I'm not going to care if someone tells me I'm too old for it. I do what I want and I want to read fanfiction! Raaaahhh! *goes off to smash stuff in a vaguely Asgardian manner*

Having said that, *cough* this was a real treat. I love how Sakura has grown and taken on a new role in your writing. She's not a little girl anymore. She's a woman in heels with a mind for business. Being in a similar situation, it is hard to write characters that are older and interested in other characters that are also older. It's a whole new game. But I did like the play with Naruto, being a bit young and cheeky and infatuated with the older woman who wears authority like he's never seen before. Right next to my weakness for reverse harems and strong female characters is a blushing weakness for younger male characters that fall for older female characters. I loved Naruto's rashness and the way you wrote him. I kinda fell out of love with him as a character in the manga and anime because of how he was written (Naruto fixes everybody, Naruto is the answer to everything, if you do something well it's because of Naruto, blah blah blah,) but I love him in fanfiction, especially your fanfiction. His conversation with Kiba at the end was pure gold, my dear. My insides had butterflies and bats all over again when I read through this piece. You're amazing.

And damn, was I blown away by how developed your writing has become. You wrote like you owned the fashion world, like you knew the intimate details of what makes a camera good and what makes a camera great. Everything about the details that made up this AU world was very intimate. If I didn't know better, I would have guessed you a part of the fashion world, or close to it to know everything you do, (and maybe I am wrong and you're secretly a fashion icon in China who interns in New York with all the other seasonal help.) And I have to say I love the name for the studio. Peace Thief sounds like something out of one of my Elder Scrolls/Skyrim games. And before I forget, i had a hour to think it over, but I could totally see Sakura in house Tygarian with her own pet dragons, conquering nations one by one after discovering how powerful she really is, post little girl phase.

Heavens above and hells below did I enjoy this. No lie, when I get excited about things, (like the reboot they're doing of Sailor Moon), I get up from my computer and run around the house. When I read this it took my longer than it should because I kept having to get up and run throughout my house to burn off the excitement my heart was straining under. I smiled, laughed, and enjoyed your words all the way through.
On a side/personal note, I hope that life finds you well, devoid of great hardship, or extended periods of loneliness, and abounding in little pleasures. College sucks, and adult life in general sucks, but sometimes it isn't so bad. Sometimes...

-Vesper chan
2/26/2014 c1 7Rikka-tan
I'm more of a 'one person for one person' kind of person, though I can't help but adore Harem based fic if it was about Sakura XD
So to speak, I really enjoy your Sakura harem/Sakura centric stories :)
2/14/2014 c1 6Mediocre Mistress
I'm pretty impressed with how far you've come along from your 1st fanfics! I've been in love with your stories since before I even had an account on here! .
1/21/2014 c1 1a-slavic-shadow
This is fucking awesome! I'm so speechless - i really wanted to make an extensive review, but I fucking can't right now!

and yeah I love Game of Thrones, so you should definitely use it more. but I don't know, Sakura is still very much a womanly woman woman in my mind and I think she's be a Tyrell - just because nobody step on no Tyrell, plus Highgarden suits her very much.

I am loving this! Keep up the good work!
1/21/2014 c1 PARAPAZZZI
Can the akatsuki be included? I love paring them with sakura.

P.s. In a completely unrelated side note, is thirrin73 still alive? She hasn't updated sugarcube in like hmm 2 YEARS
I really hope she updates anytime this year since sugar cube is a really really really well written funny and romantic comedy fanfiction. One of the best I say :P.
1/20/2014 c1 darth-sakura
Ah another fantastic story! UvU

Will Itachi be in this one? I think the only fic of yours with Itachi in it is Airborne. I think.

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