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for Perseus and Andromeda

9/21/2013 c1 Acroteleutium
Minerva is roman and this is a Greek myth, u want Athene :) but I love your writing, please write more, I just thought that cos u love myths ud like to know
5/2/2004 c1 Jazz
excellant story! You should write the whole myth next time...i'd enjoy it :)
4/15/2003 c1 Selene
There's a book called Aphrodite's Blessings. It had the story from Andromedea's POV. You Should read it.
11/9/2002 c1 3Jessica Lee
Hey cool! That's interesting! WRITE MORE! I wanna know what happens next! It looks exciting! :)

10/15/2002 c1 Sarah
Like I said before, I LOVE it, and you had better do more, or else!;) But seriously, it's great! Oh, and btw, I WILL write more in our story! I promise! RRRRRRRR! Stupid moving and no time for anything fun! ROAR! Lol, ok Ill stop now.
10/8/2002 c1 8Selendrile
A nice retelling of the Perseus/Andromede myth, although usually retellings provide a new or fresh angle or previously untold depth. A bit simple, but still nice :-)

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