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9/30 c6 9PageKat
Re-reading this... again. Because why not? Anyway. I think in DADA I’d be more concerned about where Remus found the Boggart than having to face it.
8/23 c10 Trance20666
I’ve been reading the series for nearly over a week now and I can say it’s unique and has a lot of potential. I know there’s sorry out there of Harry being a girl who pretends to be a boy (there’s one where Harry was actually a boy, but changed into a girl when she took a potion that was supposed to unlock any dormant abilities. It starts to wrong and another potion was used to neutralize it, only it turns out a girl was her real gender but Lily changed in fear of what would happen if the firstborn of a Pureblood wasn’t a boy. There was also the complication that Harry was James.)

Sorry. I went off track a little there, but I really like the series and while there are things that are similar to some things I’ve read (not that I can remember the stories I’ve seen them in. My memory is not the best.) there’s also original stuff in there as well. (Like Harry having a lot of power, but her being afraid of what it can do, so she suppresses it.) Normally it’s the opposite in stories. Harry uses his power with not much problems. It’s actually refreshing to read how she struggles. Makes it more realistic and gives her a flaw people can relate to. I like the world building. the COW party. (They are very anti-muggle to the point that they’re trying to set a law that will make Halfbloods marry only Purebloods.) The Split between factions. Mental, Shaped, Wild magic (is there another I’m missing?) the info about Cores and how some Muggleborns are highly powerful. How only Purebloods are allowed to go to some schools. (Is that only around them or all over the world too? Because it’s sounds like only some countries are doing it.) the politics, Pureblood customs, the Lower Alleys, etc. there’s the gender bender ruse which is interesting and the stress that it might be exposed before their ready. I like Draco’s new ability and that Blaise has a creature inheritance.

Speaking of her power, is there gonna be a consequence of using the ring to lessen her magic? There was a hint there that by doing that she’s actually making it stronger and she will have a even worse time of getting control of it later if she doesn’t try now. But is there other draw backs? She keep saying her magic has some kind of will of its own. (I think at one point she called it a separate entity.) It won’t like being locked up. It’s kinda weird that if she sees her magic as something semi living, that she would than turn about and chain it up. She’s basically doing what others are by just using it as a tool.

About the Marriage law, I have a feeling that it will come back around eventually. I’m also curious about the problems inbreeding normally cause. Do they having magic somehow purges the mental and physical defects that can come from that? Not to mention it might actually make Purebloods less powerful over time because no new blood is getting into their lines and their blood is getting too thin. (Though I guess that might be solved if they ‘mingle’ with magical beings. It will stop any Muggle blood from getting into their lines, but keep their genetic pool from getting too small.) I guess there might also be issues with that what with instincts and other abilities the children can inherit from their not so human parent. I also can’t remember if there’s a prejudice against nonhumans. I know there’s anti-Werewolf laws, but as far as I know, they are not born but bitten and it’s normally Halfbloods who get changed. (Like Lupin. I’m not sure of Greyback’s blood status. If he’s a Pureblood Wizard, Half or Muggleborn.) There might be beings who are born werewolves and are unable to pass what they are through bites. (I imagine that’s the major issues Wizards have with them. If it’s not a curse that can be given to others, than that might be different.)

I am very interested in the pairing. (I am romance focused when I read.) I’m not much into Het now a days, but I still read it from time to time. I’m dreading the love triangle that might happen. Not that I know for sure, but there seems to be a lot of people interested in Harry and that normally means people fighting for attention and the one in the middle trying to pick between who they want most while worrying about hurting the others feelings. Why does there has to be a choice? If done right, I feel having multi partners would be more interesting. It’s not normal and thus it’s unique. I’m just wondering why it has to be a one on one relationship. I’m big on harems, but it doesn’t need to go that far. If everyone agrees, their happy and it’s consensual, why would what others think matter? There is that thing that Purebloods don’t normally choose between genders. (I guess it’s different once their marriage though.) So the string is already there. Why choose one life partner?

Sorry if that sounds demanding or that I was putting your writing style down. I don’t mean it like that. It’s just opinion. Writers always have the last say. I’m hope I didn’t upset you.

I hope your well and safe.
8/21 c16 25oooSilverWolfooo
Eeeeeek! Yay this story was super good too. I really really like that Hermione figured out part of it and I can’t wait to see real Harry and her interact. And honestly, I’m hardcore shipping her and Draco.
I can’t wait to get started reading the fourth one now!
8/16 c8 Lila
The comment about how Dumbledore would be able to employ an Askaban escapee is one of my favourite little puns that you have worked into this story.
What I’m not sure I understood right is - is Rigel actually wearing black gloves 24/7? Isn’t that really weird and noticeable? Why wouldn’t he just charm them invisible?
Goodness so much great action this chapter, one of my favourite.
Thank you!
8/15 c5 Lila
Maybe I oversaw your note, in that case ignore the question, but purple is below lord level (indigo), right?
And is Lily’s magic stronger than Harry’s? Why are lily and James to passive about helping their daughter in this, I mean I usually get it because she keeps to herself and they can’t relate With the potions passion...but the magic..?
Anyways, I love everything you write as always!
I laughed the funny dinner scene with Caelum, I love all the primary and secondary characters and am engaged in their development in the story!
8/15 c4 Lila
I just love summers.
8/14 c16 3grovepjp
8/9 c16 xvector
Beautiful story with a beautiful ending and a fantastically flawed main character. Loved it! Your dialogue and characterizations are second-to-none.
8/8 c6 xvector
IMO you really are pushing this whole “Rigel doesn’t care about magic, only potions” angle a bit too hard. The suppressor ring feels like it will be an obvious plot device to put the protagonist in a helpless situation.
8/7 c8 TwoFourSixEight
Lol she's pretty unconsciously prideful, isn't she? It makes sense for someone of her age and skills, and it makes her more realistic. I hope someone checks her soon though, otherwise it might get kind of anoying.
6/25 c16 Kokoblob9
Amazing story! I am both incredibly nervous and incredibly excited to see how the next book turns out, as well as how Harry deals with his new... brain buddy. Can he pass through his core anymore?
6/19 c1 A fan
No offense. I love Harry Potter but I love this version more.
6/12 c16 Caver Floyd
Good story, though I can't really imagine that anything good will come from Rigel's new resident in his mind in the long term. And the fact that she will immediately have to return to being Harry and thus suppress all the trauma she has experienced will definitely not help her mental help.
5/30 c1 Lashblade
Great as ever, although I'm wondering how old Addy is at this point. Given when she was born in March, she should not yet be old enough for bottle feeding at this point.
5/27 c1 Guest
Well damm, that's a plot twist!
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