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7/26/2004 c1 5Shinobi Ninja Ayane
lmao peter pan?(fav disney character beside's lilo and stich)*rolls on floor laughing*that was halarious!good job man.

*Just Another DarkFangirl*
11/13/2002 c1 4Mutou Yasu
THAT WAS FUNNY! *roflmao* XDXDXDXDXDXD! I luved it!
11/3/2002 c1 gings
okay, you know that one bugs bunny when the artist (who turns out to be elmer fudd) keeps fucking with bugs, drawing all sorts of insane situations and driving him completely nuts? well, that's what i thought of while reading this, and found it quite amusing. i enjoy sarcastic, pointless stories with interactive characters/narrators. thumbs up!

(/|\) peace
10/20/2002 c1 Yohko
I love marron+tira so kawaii together.
10/15/2002 c1 8C M Forde
I'm Worried...very very worried... And entertained, though not as entertained as worried. Anyway, jolly good show what? Err...uhh...umm...it was strange. Oh yeah! DIE GATEAU DIE! Okay, I'm done now. And finally I'm not the only person who thinks Marron is straight!

10/8/2002 c1 199Usami
that was...interesting...
10/8/2002 c1 demontwin2
Heeheehee! One of those days hmmm? Heeheehee,oh boy, do I know that feeling. Though I generally don't start hitting myself with lamps until my little brother is in my general vicinity.

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