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for Son of the Western Sea

9/14 c2 8WordSmyth
If you want to give Poseidon’s threat a little more oomph, say that ameratsu would remember the Orphan Wave fondly in comparison to the tsunami he’d send their way. The Orphan Wave was a fuck off huge tsunami that caught Japan completely off guard a few centuries ago. They’re used to having a tsunami being preceded by an earthquake from one of their local, off shore ring of fire faults. But they didn’t have even a little tremor to warn them of the orphan wave. That’s because the fault line that set it off was the Cascadia fault, all the way across the ocean in California. That massive earthquake threw indigenous american’s canoes halfway up trees all along the coastline and threw a tsunami across the pacific to crash onto Japan’s coastline like the fist of an angry god with no more warning than wildlife getting out of Dodge and the all too late realization that the shoreline was rapidly receding. And it hit at like 1:00 a.m. so only a handful of people were even in a position to notice anything wrong.

So saying that this disaster would be remembered fondly in comparison to what Poseidon was going to do to them would have a lot more oomph than what ever tsunami they suffered from last in a place that sees so many of them that their word for them is the most uses word.
9/12 c6 Lordfinn
Idk why but i'm seeing a love-hate relationship starting to blossom between kym and percy. They both have such conflicting domains and personalities but at the same time percy would probably still love her as family regardless. In a supernatural way kym is just teasing her baby brother
9/5 c7 jujp
Great story.
8/16 c2 zeusjupiter46
I’m sorry but no. Your idea of gods being almost human when crossing a certain boundary is absurd.
7/27 c7 1huongdaoroma
Very good but average update is like once a year...
7/20 c7 Guest
This story is amazing! Can’t wait to see more. Also congratulations on 1k reviews
7/18 c7 Ph34r n0 3V1L
Just did a reread of the whole story. Still as good as the first time I read it. Hoping for the yearly chapter to drop soon!
7/14 c7 themagicplok
*carefully places this fic into my ‘works of art’ folder*
7/3 c7 Mia Esquivel
This is amazing! I hope your proud of this!
6/27 c7 Maria
I love this story
6/20 c7 Jayden Adams
Will you be updating this story or is it abandoned?
6/8 c7 Guest
Please update soon
This story is one my all time favorites
Thank youu for it
6/4 c7 Spooky jimm
Please please update
5/30 c7 Darkanaklusmos70
One of the best percy Jackson fanfic I've ever read this is truly awesome
5/19 c7 Fyre Hazard
This has been one of my all-time favorite stories! It's so creative; I love it! Thanks for the great content!
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