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11/30/2016 c4 19AndurilofTolkien
love this
11/6/2015 c3 love toshiro dragon
Pour Natsume! Did he get those scratches and bruises from yokai?
11/6/2015 c2 love toshiro dragon
Omg little Natsume is just too cute! Good chapter! XD
11/6/2015 c1 love toshiro dragon
Awww so cute! Little Natsume! XD
6/7/2015 c3 4Waffletime
It would have been cool if Natsume actually had Natori in the past. Like, if it was canon I think that would be awesome. I look forward to reading the next chapter (and you should totally make it shounen-ai XD hee hee...)
6/7/2015 c2 Waffletime
3/10/2015 c4 3Serulium
Hello, I read your story a LONG time ago, and I loved it! The reason I didn't comment before now was because I didn't have an account. I remember when I first read chapter two. It was so sweet! I can completely imaging Natsume blowing on each bite before eating it! And wow! Natori was patient! And great job showing how hard things are for Natsume. How he tries not to be a bother by pretending it was all his doing and just an accident. I really want to give him a hug now! And I am glad Natsume was happy when he looked at all the lights of the youkai! It's so sweet and so cute! I loved the descriptions of the youkai and the forest, too! I am so glad that Natori was able to bring him to Juni. Maybe Natori can teach Natsume a little chant or something to help hide frome the youkai! Update soon, it's such a cute story!
3/5/2015 c4 inabsurd
I'm really interested in the progression of Natsume and Natori's relationship, I can't wait to read more
3/2/2015 c3 inabsurd
This is pretty cool, I hope you update soon
1/10/2015 c3 Assasin8
Aww! This is really sweet! I usually don't like first person, but having this story told from Natori's point of view is really effective! I just finished the anime and this is the first fanfiction that caught my interest! Great job and thanks for posting!
12/11/2014 c3 Guest
Good job so far! Little Natsume is always so adorable, and Natori is a complicated character. I think the idea of them having previously met is great (they're such cute kids, and a younger Natori seems like he would be a bit more able to understand Natsume than his adult self)! Good luck with writing, and God bless!
12/9/2014 c3 Guest
Continue sooon pwease!
12/8/2014 c3 Me
12/8/2014 c1 Me
6/10/2014 c2 17hakuzo-k
I'm interested as to where this story will go. Continue please!
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