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7/27/2015 c1 22Basement Cat89
Well, I just finished reading this. The writing is good in general, the political games are very interesting and the presence of the Malleus Malificarum bodes ill. I'm guessing the symbol that Elsa keeps seeing is some kind of anti magic rune. Someone is planning to exorcise her powers, perhaps?

With that said, I do have a slight problem with the way you characterize Anna. She comes across as extremely ditsy and childish, even petulant at times. It kind of undoes the growth she underwent in the movie, and as the Frozen Fever short showed, she can be the responsible one when the need arises. Yes, she's impulsive and prone to rash actions, but here you show her as irresponsible and blind, even uncaring, to the stress she causes her sister with her antics, not to mention the danger to the kingdom. I can't help but think that post movie Anna would have grown a bit from that.

Still, the story is enjoyable and you write well. Keep at it!
5/8/2015 c9 3Insectoid
Anna: Warrior Princess! :D Usually Anna plus weapons is a recipe for disaster, but I admire her determination.

In other news, these three dorks continue to amuse me.
5/4/2015 c9 AsYaCelana
Read it all in one go...and i have to say... WOW!
You are amazing! And this fic. it's fantastic! I mean more than fantastic!

First let me tell you that I'm a KristElsa shipper. And after reading your for them grew. You know somehow i wanted them to end together. As Olaf said...they'd make a nice couple! I feel they are MFEO...i mean Kristoff says Ice is his life...and Elsa, well she's synonymous to ice...isn't it! They would have made the perfect match.

The part which loved the most was when Kristoff thought Elsa to be Anna and was about to kiss her! *blush* tht was cutee! And while reading the begining part of the scene i had the feeling that it was not Anna but Elsa.

I have fallen...for your story. Honestly i have. So please please pleaseeeee update the next chapter soon as your readers are waiting for the next chapter.

5/2/2015 c9 artilyon-rand
Anna you are a danger on yer own right xd
I JUST love the way you show the anna/Kristoff relationship working well while you put the tension of Kristelsa and it works fine threesome people threesome xD
about the part of who of the three of them would be alright with taking lifes? elsa totally wouldnt , Anna and Kristoff yeah but they would have to suppor eachother for as enthusiastic and Brave as Anna is ,she is still a bloody naive Disney Princess, and war is not for our characters , oh yeah she could make a badass warrior but after a lot ,as a true warrior, as for Kris here yeah you are right he would do whats needs to be done it wouldbe a Shock to him but like i said he will need support to come out of it the best way possible.

aND damn the only image of elsa traineng and learning with Kristoff and the Kaptein its just sooo adooorableeee thankyou xD
5/2/2015 c8 artilyon-rand
key word of the chapteer...Threesome ..yeeeah X3
5/2/2015 c6 artilyon-rand
i dont like where this is going with anna
5/2/2015 c5 artilyon-rand
aa mjemm xD gez girl careful
5/2/2015 c4 artilyon-rand
you know? xD
8/15/2014 c7 Guest
Please continue!
5/26/2014 c7 4The Bust of Geralt
Nice to see it's back after so long a hiatus.
You really have, I think, captured the voice of each of the main characters. But your side ones, particularly Kai Gerda and the Kaptein are a little more mushy in how they seem to act. In addition, Kristoff, imminent possibilities of infidelity withstanding, feels a little too good at, well, everything. It might be a good idea to add in or highlight some bits of his own social and political failings.

Easily the best Frozen story I've read.
5/25/2014 c7 Carol
OMG! Why I didn't found this fanfic before? It's awesome, thank you for posting this! But you have a new reader now! ;)
And, unlike most of people, I really would like to see Kristoff and Elsa ending up together, somehow. When I first saw the movie, I hoped they would be a couple. So, in my opinion, you should keep going with this Kristelsa business! hehehe ;)
This last chapter was awesome! You're doing a great job! Please update soon!
5/24/2014 c4 8Azimuth Zero
I'd never thought Kristoff so fickle as to actually become romantically involved with the one who's sister he was already deeply in love with. Suffice to say, I must agree with many of your previous reviewers; should this KristoffXElsa business continue, then I must forsake this tale.

Nonetheless, the imagery in this chapter was very masterfully done. Though it doesn't justify Kristoff's sudden infatuation with the Snow Queen, it certainly explains it ;)

-A Rather Fantabulous Gentleman
5/24/2014 c3 Azimuth Zero
Ah, yes, time to nitpick again :3 Because Anna is a princess, it's "Your (Royal) Highness"; "Your Majesty" is reserved for monarchs.

You seem to have done a lot of historical and cultural research in the making of this fanfiction (especially for food and names), and so, bravo! Those who actually do background research always deserve praise :)

I feel Anna was much more in character this chapter; her quick recovery from the depths of despair was very much like her!

-A Rather Fantabulous Gentleman
5/24/2014 c2 Azimuth Zero
(o.O) I would never have thought Anna to be that contemptuous! As for your extension of Elsa's abilities, it's quite unique...

Your writing style is fairly eloquent and free of grammatical error, and for that, I applaud you.

-A Rather Fantabulous Gentleman
5/24/2014 c1 Azimuth Zero
(0_0) Well, that was slightly sensual, slightly strange, and VERY unexpected! But now that you've hit me over the head with such a brick of a chapter, I feel compelled to continue! Here I go...

-A Rather Fantabulous Gentleman
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