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7/25/2014 c28 13kay.hayden
This chapter being full of mystery at every turn and well written. Eyal might have figured it out but I'm in the dark and can't wait for the next installment. Love how you have Sharon acting while undercover and Ziva being the hard nose with Sharon was priceless. Thanks for the update.
7/14/2014 c27 kay.hayden
Breathtaking chapter with all the action and how you handled the rift between Annie and Eyal was spot-on. The dialogue of Eyal as the bodyguard was nice and enjoyed the exchange between the three in the car, it adds reality to the scene. Thanks for the long chapter, a story within a story and I love it.
7/2/2014 c26 kay.hayden
Well things are heating up I waiting to see who wins, Eyal or Sharon and I bet it is Sharon. Also nice curve ball to pitched us about Rivka. Thanks for the update.
6/15/2014 c25 kay.hayden
Beautiful Father's day and nice break from their mission. Eyal must have had that diamond for a while waiting for the right time. Love this chapter and thanks.
6/8/2014 c24 me
Love the interaction and Abby there should be fun. Update soon thanks
6/8/2014 c23 me
Love to read about your characters when you test them. When you are filming something as an actor the director yell from your back or front how you are supposed to play feel touch and stay this is extraordinary the sometime words or scene to be played happy sad or sensual. The director yelling at you happier or sadder or whatever is needed. I like that you can change that or the same musical notes to take them in different feelings... Wonderful... Thanks
6/3/2014 c23 Guest
You are very active late
5/31/2014 c21 me
This is getting better with every chapter. Cirque du soleil, the party the clothes,the dance. Can't wait to read about what you prepared next with Jake s twin. I like the way rivka explain to Eyal the situation. Anyway Eyal living like that was very selfish and disappointing. Sharon, very feminine, must love him very much for excepting him, so manly and demanding. The hole point in this story is that as a spy they have a very big and happy family that love them and help them. Thanks can't wait for more adventures of our team. You are very creative
5/24/2014 c20 ILoveEyal
I'm new to Fanfiction. Just read your full story, you really have talent. You had me on edges, you had me laughing and best of all you have me wanting more. Please post another chapter soon.
5/14/2014 c19 kay.hayden
Nice turn of events but still unanswered questions - Jake or his look alike and what is Eyal going to say to Robert. Can't wait for your next chapter. Thanks for the posting.
5/12/2014 c18 me
Nice chapter.
5/12/2014 c18 EyalFan
Really like the different adventures the A-Team has been on and how they all work together. Still can't put my mind around Eyal and Sharon as a couple, it just doesn't feel right nor the Annie and Auggie hook up. They are more like a brother and sister team and not a couple. Please keep writing as I do enjoying reading about Eyal and him as the leader of the A-Team, a true master spy.
5/5/2014 c17 Guest
Really nice. Everything is 5 stars vip premium . Hope that the good peaple in this line of work have these things too. . Thx update soon. I am glad eyal is alive...
4/30/2014 c16 me
what would jake do to them and why? all of them been good to him...update soon
nice safe house...with a pool... maybe natural...thx
4/30/2014 c16 9HelloPatsy
OMG Jake! What a twist and I didn't see that coming. Is Eayl and Sharon's house free of bugs? So many unanswered questions, please post soon.
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