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4/15/2020 c2 Nad19
you wicked author! PFT hahaha
2/21/2020 c28 gindensmi
9/2/2019 c25 2Nelui Wysteria
Just a writing tip, if you want to make your readers cry at a scene hit the panic button. High Intensity Emotions are often chaotic and disregulated so the more things get out of control the more panic they would feel (which is probably why the start of the scene with HP having to be held back and slapping DLV hit as much of a nerve as the ending where DLV cried). Not to mention everyone panics in different ways. Dorea for instance...
7/2/2019 c8 Hersheythegreat
Oh ok never mind ignore the last review. I get it now. You sort of explain it better in this chapter. Thanks though. Great story.
7/2/2019 c7 Hersheythegreat
Wait wait I’m confused. So like if they really are pretending to be from century later in the future than they actually are shouldn’t there be more generations between them? Like w/ the one gen it would only be about 40 years further? And more than that I’m confused as to the back and forth because Bellatrix calls Arthur as Ron’s father and then later Lucius calls him Arthur’s grandson. Similar issue w/ Severus referring to Lily as his grandmother and LV claiming that he is James’ grandson(This one is more easily explained as Severus doesn’t actually know what time they are from but when he talks to Harry he confirms that Lily is his mom? So was that a slip-up with Harry or something?) Also. If Dorea and Charlus know the truth and everything- do they know that LV doesn’t know? Like because Tom thinks Harry is from like the 2080’s(or was it 2180?) but they know that Harry is James’ son. Sorry I’m just really confused. Could you clarify as to who knows/ thinks Harry is from diff times?
1/3/2018 c28 bluesnowflakes21
Your fics awesome..one problem i have is you overuse the words admired and limited. Otherwise..it is really interesting.. I loved reading it.
8/9/2017 c24 2Caty 3.14
DA? Drey Army?

Did you know that 'A drey — or dray — is a nest of a tree squirrel or a flying squirrel. Dreys are usually built of twigs, dry leaves, and grass, and typically assembled in the forks of a tall tree.' (Wikipedia)

I can imagine how the Twins would love that if they found out. *chuckles*
6/26/2017 c28 22D C JoKeR H S
6/24/2017 c28 1mayawene
thanks for this story
6/23/2017 c28 christine.kagak
What a place to stop and keep us hanging.
6/22/2017 c28 Pyrane
Thanks !
Can't wait, can't wait !
Daga, Alucardo dai kirai !

See you again in another sequel soon ;D

6/22/2017 c28 13Scaranpannoir
BORUDEMO- ANO BAKA! Just imagined Harry saying that while running in an anime-cliche like manner XD THIS IS A SHOUJO YAOI XD
6/22/2017 c28 Devidakk
"Voldemort, you Baka" XDDD I love this trilogy, now I'm going to read first chapter of third part.
6/22/2017 c28 Dixie.f.9
It's a good thing the new story is up because this was HUGE cliffs.
6/22/2017 c1 aliissaa14
whats going to happen? why? i loved this chapter! but i really want to read the next one now!
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