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7/12/2014 c5 21Shinju90
Loving this story! Can't wait for the next chapter!
7/4/2014 c5 The Little Chibi
Wow. Just... Wow. I really don't know how to explain how brilliant I think this is. And then there was that moment where Howard believed in Tony, even if just for a little bit and I just... Wow.
6/26/2014 c5 4Jazzysauce
Jack, Bunny, or Jack and Bunny, you know, arguing over something.
6/22/2014 c5 ReddishPanther
Great story! Love your idea of Iron Man/RotG crossover. Especially loved your description of Santa - 'Chubby, red suit, beard, tattoos, swords,' and Tony's interaction with Sandman. Can't wait until he sees the Easter Bunny lol. Looking forward to see where you'll go next!
6/20/2014 c5 Culaio
Great chapter I really enjoyed reading it :), I must say that that tony's life got really complicated :).

Keep up the good work :D
6/11/2014 c5 JasonDragonwing
First off, great update and RIP 'Anothy'. Next I think Jack should be the next one to get to know Tony. Keep up the good work and update soon! :)
6/2/2014 c5 Joanna
i actually wul like a follow up to this piece. but i guess you dropped that story (

It was a nice pice nonetheless

Cheers :)
6/2/2014 c5 10ultima-owner
the world has always been insane
6/1/2014 c5 4JERUSALEM's Bride
jackjackjackjackjackjack. that's all. XD just jack. yessssssssssss plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. lovely story but more jack plzzzzzzzz. jack and tony interacting would be hilarious. plzplzplzplz. yes. that is all.
6/1/2014 c5 13The Writer Es
He defiantly needs to run into Jack. It would make for some interesting conversations
6/1/2014 c5 5Dimention52
this story is SO AWESOME OHMYGOODNESS. can he meet jack?
6/1/2014 c5 3GadgetCid
How about Tooth coming by asking why he's never lost any teeth?
6/1/2014 c5 Not-Gonna-Update
Ooh... you updated! Tony Stark Jr. finally makes an appearance to the public...how complicated. ( Ugh. Too much work! ) It's a good thing that Tony can handle it!
The chapter was an absolute pleasure to read. Thanks for writing it.

Mm... I think that Tony should meet Jack. It'd be awesome if they met! :D He could have fun with Tony's inventions or something...
6/1/2014 c5 1immotus
Tony should interact with tooth, she would be wondering why he hasn't lost any teeth...
6/1/2014 c5 Guabii
I love it, it's just that sometimes it makes absolutely no sense and you just "okay, didn't get that but fine" and then you continue because you won't understand it even if you read it again. Still love it and I can't wait until he meets The Avengers hahahahahhah :D :D
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