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5/19/2014 c4 JasonDragonwing
Love the idea! Please update soon! I have to say that as I read this chapter I had an image of the Tony Jr dying with the avengers around him an the shock that their teammate is a robot. I can hardly wait for "spark" to meet Jack Frost. :)
5/15/2014 c4 13The Writer Es
Interesting. Can't wait for more
5/12/2014 c4 3FlockPack
I'm born on the same day as Tony Stark?
5/12/2014 c4 10ultima-owner
Tony's plans are always fun
5/11/2014 c4 Anon
Hi! I like your story, and I enjoy where it is going, so good luck with it! I just wanted to point out one little thing though. You spelled college like collage when talking about the scholarship program. Thought you should know. Have a nice day!
5/11/2014 c4 Not-Gonna-Update
Ooohh... I absolutely love this story!
Tony as a spirit is such a fun idea... and now he gets an artificial baby ( of himself! ) ... how fun.

The story so far has been a great pleasure to read! The prosthetics and stuff that Tony invents makes the story more fun to read.
( Think about all the kids he could help! ) Now all he needs to do is meet the other Guardians... ( Mwahahahaha! )

So if Tony has a mini-me... does it mean that some Guardians, like Tooth or Santa, hear about him? Just curious...

Have fun writing! Bye! :D
5/11/2014 c4 Culaio
Great chapter I really enjoyed reading it :), I must say that Tony's plan is really weird XD.

Keep up the GREAT work :D
5/4/2014 c3 2Dream's Abyss
Same on this story. So, sleeping makes Tony go crazy with ideas, or is it just the sandman's dreamsand?
4/30/2014 c3 2ImmortalRose123
Yes, The guardians are starting to come in!
4/24/2014 c3 Xuerneas
Yes. This idea- yes. Yes, yus, yup, yeah, uhuh.
4/24/2014 c3 3FlockPack
cool story
4/24/2014 c2 FlockPack
i think that he'll make the iron man suit and say it's him inside it, but no-one actually sees him outside of the suit.
4/23/2014 c3 10ultima-owner
it was interesting to check out
4/22/2014 c3 7Kira Kyuu
Thanks for the update :D
4/22/2014 c3 Culaio
Another great chapter I really enjoyed reading it :). I really liked the meeting with sandman, also I am kinda hoping that Tony will build arm for that kid sooner then later since he would have time to play with it so he would better adapt to it :).

Keep up the great work :D
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