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4/10/2015 c6 WrenWeir
There is a section missing when tony starts talking about microwave being code word for drinking and jagerbombs. It just trails off mid paragraph. Really enjoying this story so far :)
4/10/2015 c10 Anonymous Mouse
Hey, I love what you've done with this story. You've taken little canon points and spun them to fit with the story-like Dummy's smoothies and JARVIS' name. The smoothie ingredients are hilarious. Pepper asking about whether Dummy would poison Tony while Tony's drinking antifreeze of all things. Also, Rhodey's awesome.
4/8/2015 c10 Laesk
interesting storyline I look forwards to seeing where this goes next and hope to read more soon. thank you for sharing this and allowing everyone the chance to read your story
3/25/2015 c10 Happerry
I just found this story, and I want to say it is really really good and I look forwards to seeing more whenever you are kind enough to provide said more. Because this is really really good.
3/14/2015 c10 Guest
Hmm... I think I'd prefer a single chapter for all of the movie, since you do them so well.
3/11/2015 c10 Guest
Yes! Tony would do that. Tony rocks so much. *cheers*

Yay friends!

Oh dear. Now that we're hitting the first movie I'm rather worried how the explosion is going to mess up the bot-body.
Good thing JARVIS knows shit, and the Lockdown. And in this version, Rhodey has excellent reasons to keep looking and refuse to accept Tony might be dead, because Secret.
Yinsin may come out to be even more awesome than he already is. He saved canon-Tony's life with a car battery in an unsanitary hole in the ground with guns pointed at them often. Dude rocks. If he can keep the mooks from noticing Tony isn't exactly flesh and blood anymore? Sweet, dude. Cha! Almost time for Tony to break out those specs he's been keeping in the back of his mind since meeting Sandy... Iron Man shall come!

3/11/2015 c9 Guest
*cries a little*

*coos* I love the speculation that Tony's AI/Bots might just have something awfully close to a soul.

They're that awesome.

Baby!JARVIS *cheers*
3/11/2015 c7 Guest
Cha! XD
Yeah, I can see Jack and Tony getting along really well once they get past the whole, "sorry, kid, the bot-body only works because my powers are tech-based" part. Tony'd totally help a fellow invisible-to-most buddy out if he could.
A pair of immortally immature clever prankster little shits.
*maniacal laughter*
3/11/2015 c6 Guest
Awesomeness is awesome, but the bit about the Jaegerbombs cuts out mid-sentence.
3/11/2015 c5 Guest
The first reference to the Iron Man moniker!

This version of reference for "Iron Man" is actually a lot more accurate than when people assume it's referring to the metal. XD Love it!
3/11/2015 c4 Guest
So much awesome.

Aha, of course it'd be suspicious if Tony hung around as a twenty-something sixty years after he was born (aka the movies). The mini-me idea works, and if he can keep things working right and his cover, he could do it again and again and again... XD Might have to alter the name every so often though. Maybe start with a middle name for someone he got particularly attached to, then eventually switching out Anthony or a variant to the middle name, etc etc... Not his problem for a while yet, though. Not as long as he can keep this first trick working long enough.
3/8/2015 c10 Guest
Hmmm tough.
On one end I want all the retellings to be done and over with but on hand I like it to explore the changes that you made in this fic. Since tony is incorporial now or whatever, how will it make a difference during the events of the ironman movie? Or how will Tony get radioactive poisoning if he isn't even flesh and blood?
Well i guess it would be better to tell it one chapter per movie or one and haft chapter per movie. as much as i hate retellings, I really like your writing style so i think youy could pull it off.
Oh and by the way, Please don't make tony a guardian. Many fics did that and it did not end well, not to mention tony isn't even a legend yet.
3/6/2015 c10 Guest
This is the single best RotG/Avengers Fic I have ever read. Such an awesome and original idea and incredibly well written. I'm so excited for more.
3/3/2015 c10 Guest
Well i would like for it to be one chapter for movie to really explore the complexities that you introduced in this fanfic , like how for example would you make ironman 2 work when in fact tony isn't even blood and bones to begin with or wether or not fury know tony's little secret.
anyone with xray vision would know he's mechanical or think he's a mandroid.
3/2/2015 c10 Joanna
Can't wait for more. Splendid work :)
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