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2/8/2016 c17 36DiddyKF1
Knuckles needs to take an English and/or Grammar class, ... and he needs a teacher he can actually with!
7/14/2015 c14 DiddyKF1
And so, Knuckles embarrasses himself once again over a translation issue. Just the kind of scum his mind tends to be.
7/14/2015 c13 DiddyKF1
The ending said it all, my friend. Nice job! :)
4/6/2015 c12 DiddyKF1
Sounds like fun for two kids on Easter! Pretty neat!
3/22/2015 c11 DiddyKF1
Famous Shadow, then lucky Shadow. He could afford a picnic every day for months!
3/20/2015 c10 DiddyKF1
Now there's one way to "silence" spam.
3/20/2015 c9 DiddyKF1
Well, at least someone's lived through such a buzzing shock.
3/16/2015 c8 DiddyKF1
Those birds should watch more Star Wars movies! LOL

Another chapter, and more chaos for Sonic to clean up! Things just keep getting weirder and weirder on Mobius!
3/15/2015 c7 8ABCSKW123-IX
Very bittersweet chapter. Cosmo and Sonic bring up very good points.
Although listening to 'Black and White Ward' wasn't really helping the mood for me. XP Creepy stuffangst/comfortwhy would you even?
3/14/2015 c7 36DiddyKF1
Seems that Omega still can't behave himself. I know I'd want to stay far away from him!

Nice chapter, BTW!
3/6/2015 c6 DiddyKF1
Wow. What a red knucklehead he turned out to be.

Nice job, BTW! This had me laughing my head off! XD
2/10/2015 c5 DiddyKF1
Well, Sonic, you seem to be popular just about everywhere you go! :D
2/10/2015 c4 DiddyKF1
I guess those party goers aren't such great translators. I think it's time Tails came up with an even better translating machine!
2/10/2015 c3 DiddyKF1
Tails really has a "BRIGHT" mind! LOL

Man, this was so funny! XD
2/8/2015 c5 8ABCSKW123-IX
Oh gosh. The woes of being famous.
And that is why I don't wanna be famous. :3
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