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for The Case of the Missing Fedora

11/26/2020 c7 Adlig de Somel
Beautiful story. I enjoy your style, your stories. Thank you.
2/16/2020 c7 7Detroittiggerfan
Almost perfect. Sexy, sensual, clever, painfully endearing, loving beyond description. Why almost? Four decades, not forty. A wonderful read and great tribute to two unforgettable characters. Thank you for writing and posting!
6/20/2017 c1 Guest
The hat was wrecked in an act of love. I believe it was crushed out of shape. 6/20/17.
12/22/2016 c7 Skysea
40 decades?
11/21/2015 c3 Guest
great happenings. too bad they have a communication problem.
2/2/2014 c7 Guest
What fun and a wonderful ending
2/2/2014 c7 Mary S
Great story. I've enjoyed every minute of it!
2/3/2014 c7 tengland2
Absolutely wonderful. Thought that fur would have been long since gone. Liked the reason for it being in Dever instead of LA, the weather. Now if only they can keep the hat in its orginal condition, until after the holidays and Ken can see it.
2/3/2014 c7 6PD4758PW
Two thumbs up! Good story start to finish!
2/2/2014 c7 1StateOfFranklin
This was a great story! I love the references to the books. Those are some of my favorites. Good job! And thanks for sharing it with us!
2/2/2014 c7 McGonagallrules
This is simply fantastic! Thank you for such a good full circle story.
2/2/2014 c7 36kaleen1212
Good story! Thanks for sharing.
2/2/2014 c7 laughingrascal
Terrific piece of writing! Enjoyable, sweet and clever. I'll be watching anxiously for your next endeavor.
2/2/2014 c7 25murphycat
Great wrap up, er, or unwrap, as it were. LOL I loved it. Very cute and romantic.
2/1/2014 c6 Pam Ryan
YIKES! It doesn't get better than this. I am sure Della looked much better in the hat than perry ever did. I can't wait for the final chapter
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