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8/1/2016 c12 2Naenia99
noo dont stop writing this,I can see improvement in your writing,keep writing n keep reading,your ideas n story reaaly attracts me you know and i really want to know the secret behind anna,been waiitng for this chapter for a long time,thanks for updating the chapter
4/21/2015 c11 Naenia99
Yatta!new chapter!hisashiburi aira-chan!ive waited for this chhapter to be updated and i can say that your writing really improved aira-chan n be strong, life sometimes hard but it is one of a reasonthat makes us stronger n more mature in thinking about so many things, ganbare ne!
Alright cant for the next chapter, dont give up n fight o!:D
4/15/2015 c11 Guest
It's allright
4/11/2015 c10 Guest
Ne, this is not a review but a request can you make another oc she is anna little sister, akira is her name. she know about her past and arif, she transferred to seirin to and her talent is basketball. Anyway im indonesian. Dan tentang selendang serta kerudung it sangat mengerikan.
10/8/2014 c10 3ShadowHart
9/16/2014 c10 naenia99
Hey aira chan!oh gosh its been a long time and i have been waiting for this chp, this chp is greattttt!i love it!cant wait for the next one, n it seems like you have been writing a bit longer than normal n its a good thing, keep it up alrigh!
Cant wait for the next one aira chan!
9/14/2014 c1 ShadowHart
can i have a tip? i can't create a kuroko basuke fan fic... and this story is awesome... i like it :D
9/13/2014 c10 2DevilKittyKat1
*smile* Oh my, you had really grown up aren't you. *chuckle* The story gradually getting tense and the plot is thicken. Good job..
6/23/2014 c9 DevilKittyKat1
*chuckle* Maa just go on your own pace, na?
6/23/2014 c9 2Naenia99
Yay!new chapter,Is today my lucky day?hohoh, love the broccoli guy though, hehe and can't wait for the next one, yohooo!
5/23/2014 c8 2DevilKittyKat1
*grin* improvement had come, and the stories grow, good job aira-chan. Keep up the good work *wink*
5/22/2014 c8 2Naenia99
Oh yessss,second season huh, time for tou vs seirin,hmm,so you are skipping the hot spring scene?justnasking and is there any posibilities that aomine will know anna real gender in the future?since touo team never knew about anna how about we make a scene where anna meet them but only for a second to make them about that?
Overall its a simple chp but cant wait until anna play in the game,wohooo!
5/12/2014 c7 bloodymaiden95
pls update more...does aomine started to like the 'boy' anna and started to think that he gay for 'him'...hehe
can't wait for thee new chapter...i be waiting heheh...x3
5/11/2014 c7 hoshino
Hebatnya!(so cool!) i really love this fanfic! :3 .. I hope you csn update this as soon as possible.. .. Anyway.. You make a good story author-chan! :3 :3 :3..
5/11/2014 c7 2DevilKittyKat1
Ara the continuation had improved, a lot if I must say, *chuckle* keep up the good work
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