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6/16/2014 c6 Kiren
Lol that was intense
6/16/2014 c6 2124 Lines
Haha I watched some of the game too. Can you do a Eight/Six ship next? I never saw it before so yeah. Nix, Navrina for the win! And for some reason I wouldn't mind Eight/Six either... I should wrote some of that...
6/16/2014 c6 Guest
siiii mexico eso es todo seis! woah eso es mi mexico lindo y querido,
6/16/2014 c6 3scone104
YAYAYAY! THat was amazing :)))) I had a similar idea - but yours was just perfect! I think you wrote the characters perfectly and your commentary was much better than Phil Nevilles (god I swear I fell asleep). Argh that was great...
And I support England but only because I live here. They annoy me so much though...
Please update soon!
5/7/2014 c5 4IWishICouldBeLoric
Love this!
5/7/2014 c4 IWishICouldBeLoric
I always ship Nine/Marina as Neven. As in, nine seven, because ppl say Navrina because eight won't fit. I like this story btw ;) I'm reading the strike of seven to, and that's great.
4/19/2014 c2 12345Writer
So God damn cute!
3/19/2014 c5 3scone104
Aww, that was amazing :( So sad, so so sad, but amazingly written and I love AdamxOne so even better :)
Looking forward to more, and I love the other Garde's new life too!
3/19/2014 c5 2TomFieldings
That was so sad and heartbreaking! How Adam has been hallucinating One all this while, it's just so sad... Wow. I love Adam and One, and you've portrayed them so well. Great job!
3/18/2014 c5 EpicLoric24
So bittersweet. It's nice. Oh One and Adam. They are my third fave ship in LL. :(
So sad that One is Gone. Poor Adam.

Nice story!
Update soon :)
3/16/2014 c5
Aww this is really sad :( but really good too. Update soon! :D
3/4/2014 c4 Guest
2/22/2014 c4 EpicLoric24
Well it's quite a romantic or rather sweet story.
Nine really did try. I wonder how Valentine's day will turn out if it was Nix or Navrina haha

Update soon.

I don't actually know if there should be a ship name for MarinaxNine since aponly few fanfics pair them and it seemed so far fetched from the series since there's Navrina and Ella/Six for Nine.
2/19/2014 c3 TomFieldings
Great work! I loved both these one-shots... Especially the Navrina! I really like how they went together.
Just one thing... They have Legacies, but you've given them a human background, like Eight's dad died of lung cancer... Where exactly are they? It's a little confusing. You should stick to one of them :)
Sorry, I won't read the next one because it's Marina/Nine and I hate reading those because it feels like I'm giving up on Eight... :(
But keep going! They're great!
Yours truly,
2/18/2014 c4 4BananaLlama6
It was really funny! Poor nine, can't get anything right! You're a great writer and I really REALLY enjoyed reading this! Please update soon!

Could you do a Navrina one? I love them so much! :)
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