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2/28 c175 Eris
Great chapter. Very nice. Wonder how much will Hiccups parents flipp out about the news? Hope you update soon again.
2/25 c175 Arraia
Perfect and update soon please
Daddy hiccup
2/24 c175 Demi Deity Radic
This isn't anything to insult or bring up past arguments or anything like that. I type this to tell you I found out my brother is in the hospital, while at work some teenage grave robbers hit him in the back of the head with a shovel. He is in the hospital for a fractured skull and a sever concussion, doctors say he may have skull fragments in his brain.
2/24 c175 gabekaykwok
Love the chapter and you told me in are P.M.s to each other you forget so it is an honest mistake of forgetting so I understand and this chapter hits me in my heart from my childhood thanks for the great chapter man.
2/24 c175 2bloody dragon fang
Well this was surprisingly interesting for a short cool down chapter, makes me wonder what the next chapter will entail. Maybe a visit to Egypt or maybe Africa, better yet why not go to China where Hiccup meets one of the other Buddha students.

As for the AN, I get the whole ordeal And respect it. Still some ppl just want to cause chaos, maybe even thrive on the trouble they cause.
2/24 c175 1buterflypuss
decent chap
2/24 c175 Guest
Guys it's just fanfiction. Nothing to get worked up about. I'm sure Porcupain does his best to make his stories as interesting as possible and has a lot on his mind. It's understandable to forget good advice sometimes. Btw Porcupain, keep up with the great work man. I'm a little shaky on the whole polygamy thing but otherwise, your story is great.
2/24 c175 3Allayna
Can I ask why Hiccup has to keep cringing back to his parents to be lectured like some errant schoolboy? Really ready for them to be told off permanently. He does not go looking for trouble, he goes to explore and relax, he leaves to get away from a tribe of people who harass him, while the leaders of said tribe won't make them stop. I really don't understand why Hiccup hasn't told them to *bleep* off already.
2/24 c175 1Bloody Rogue dragon deity king
This was a nice read, although I classify this chapter is a cool-down piece it was good to read. As for the author's note I can fully understand that and I respect it, although I think I may know "Demi Deity Radic" since I actually remember seeing a guy Tinker around typing something on a laptop will staring at a burnt piece of paper. Right now he seems to be in a frenzy since I overheard while I was going over my coffee, apparently his brothers in the hospital because someone hit him in the back of the head with a shovel.
2/23 c174 5Red dragon 112293
Hey! Demi Deity Radic I don't know exactly who you are but let me tell you something you bastard
you are going overboard in attacking my friend he made one mistake and whatever your brother does is his business not yours all right

so stop with this stupid cyber bullying and get off his back you are in no position in doing this to him Who Do You Think You Are
you are being an a****** I don't f****** care who you think you are! You are guilt-tripping my friend for a while now and I am sick of you attacking him making him feel very ashamed of himself it was a simple mistake
and your brother knows that and whatever he chooses to do with his projects and ideas are up to him so f*** off and stay away from my friend
2/22 c174 Demi Deity Radic
I paid an old associate to watch my brother while I was out of state, he told me that my brother destroyed the notebook he wrote with all his ideas that he made with YOUR story. You and my brother have been somewhat friendly for 5 years, you can't say you wouldn't expect there to be ideas. I was told he lit the entire notebook on fire, my associate managed to find one page somewhat readable. See for yourself.

Star Chaser- 0.08% of being used,
Main reasons: dragon was said to be too complicated, many viewers stated dragons naming trait was impossible.

Soul Weeper- 0.04% of being used
Main reasons: name was depressing, many viewers saw the dragon as a failure, diet was dangerous to authors desired animal companions for the main character.

Bone Archer- 0.01% of being used
Main reasons: Dragon's appearance was described too difficult to imagine, too aggressive, several viewers stated that this dragon scared the gray out of them.

Volcanibeast- 0.05% of being used
Main Reasons: Dragon was said to be a poor match-up, habitat would have complicated other dragon nests, diet seemed strange, inspired fear of species rivalry with natural enemies.

Inferno Fang-34% of being used
Main reasons: Dragon's needed a lot of heat to survive, dangerous to other dragons, was said to be too powerful, dragon was said to be complicated.

(All percentages dropped to absolute 0 after chapter 169, you know why)
2/22 c174 Leviathan Hunter
Not bad, though I was clueless on the movie reference
2/19 c174 Luke Cox
When httyd 3 coming
2/18 c174 fart bassturd
I have been reading your story along side the reviews and I got curious on a small matter, what happened with that "Rogue Deity Master" asswipe? I found his reviews worth reading and they were very useful with getting me good grades in my literature arts classes, I did find someone with a similar name "Demi Deity Radic". I did not agree with what they said but still I felt that it was very pathetic for someone to be hurt over something this low, who cares if you hurt the guy its your story. Why should anyone else matter with your creation, heck that "Rogue Deity Master" asswipe should be grateful you even talk to him (if you do).
2/18 c174 2020abata
i do like the movie the swan princess. i also wonder something... are you going to update the list of hiccups dragons, armor, weapons, etc. ?
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