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6/24 c242 1INFERN0BOLT
I Sense An Endgame Fast Approaching, And I Have A Feeling It Would Require The Help Of Everyone.
6/23 c242 2bloody dragon fang
Well I'm glad this is over so fast, still this was a cool read that leaves more people clinging to what the mystery could be. I have a desire to see how would Hiccup handle the female character I made as his Egyptian bride, but I put that out like a fat man puts out a Cuban cigar.
6/23 c242 10Rogue Deity Master
Well I have to say things are getting more complicated, still this was a nice chapter that was a pleasure to read. Made me think over several idea's with Ironclad and Calypso's group, though I feel think I may need to chill things down a bit. Especially since their group consists of 1 man and 5-6 women, so things get complicated. Still there are a few potential adventures to come and several idea's within me that will be put on ice.
6/23 c77 Mizugami18
anyone else imagine fishlegs being SUPER pissed at hiccup for always taking all the books johan has? i can just see it now, fishlegs trying to hit hiccup while demanding for access to hiccup’s library
6/23 c242 Guest
This is so good I have been a big fan of this story from the very start and can’t believe how far it has come, and I can’t wait to see where it goes from here so good luck and we’ll wishes.
6/23 c242 1Bloody Rogue dragon deity king
Well I don't mind leaving you a review and such I actually do find that going through Greek and Rome were just overdoing it a bit. But I understand your reasoning oh, more so I look forward to what you do next of it may I recommend going through past places and such. Like going back to where hiccup ran into the movie Swan Princess, or going back to Hawaii, or even going back to Scotland. I mean I have some small bits about Egypt but I also have other ideas and such that I'm tinkering with, though nothing concrete.
6/19 c241 Guest
Real interesting plot here can’t wait to see where it leads on to and keep up the good work.
6/18 c241 1INFERN0BOLT
Okay, So After Watching The Nine Realms Series, I Started Thinking If You Could Write A Sequel To Hiccup's Collections.
6/18 c241 10Rogue Deity Master
Well I have to say that things have taken a turn for unique twist, though this is the fourth time you have come to Greece/ Rome but still it's your story. I have my opinions but they will serve no good here, so good luck with the next chapter
6/18 c241 1Bloody Rogue dragon deity king
You have a real thing for Greek and Rome do you oh, I mean seriously this is like the third or fourth time you've done an adventure there. So I'm thinking either you're having writer's block or you just don't want to do other countries and mythologies, I'm not trying to be offensive this is just a perspective point of view from what I've seen lately.
6/15 c46 Mizugami18
ok… i know i’m only on chapter 46… BUT WHEN IS DAGGUR OR HEATHER COMING INTO PLAY?! seriously, the whole rivalry between daggur and hiccup was my favorite!
6/14 c240 Guest
Finally, so happy Hadassa has returned to her true self and can’t wait to see how she interacts with the others. Can’t wait for more and good luck.
6/13 c240 10Rogue Deity Master
Nicely made with a special way to re-introduce Hiccups third wife, I especially like how you brought back one of my tribes I use to fill in some things or plot lines. This was a way to get the readers to find interest in the tribe all over again, especially with Umbra going through the hardships of being revealed. I have used Umbra in both good ways and bad ways which were not the naughty kind but she did suffer, I later had her be put to rest though revenge or other means. Right now I have a whole new focus on a plot line of which focuses on a God/Goddess of time and an issue where either Hiccup or Ironclad have to go to each others timeline to get certain stuff for the said God/Goddess. The reason is that the stuff can only be found from someone of opposing timelines, basically those in their original timeline can't find the stuff and those from the opposite timelines can find it.
6/13 c240 1Bloody Rogue dragon deity king
This was nicely done and I like how you made it seem so interesting, more so you have a unique touch to bring back a fallen character. I'm curious to see where you go from here, maybe another big adventure before the final crud I don't know. I have my own ideas but some of them don't mix well.
6/13 c240 gabekaykwok
Sorry for the little reviews i have beeen besy with RL and it is hard.
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