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12/4 c299 10Rogue Deity Master
Well, I'm sorry for taking so long, I've been busy, I enjoyed reading this and this was quite the surprise. Did not expect you to go to Japan again. But hey your choice. I look forward to what you come up with next and what the next plot line will be, I'll continue tinkering around and every now and then I'll spill something towards you. Hope everything goes well and good luck with work, especially around the holidays when things become more chaotic and most situations.
12/3 c299 3wolfdragonmoon8976
Great chapter. Also, can all the Kitsunes clans stay with Hiccup for protection
12/3 c299 1Bloody Rogue dragon deity king
Good luck to you and also decent chapter
12/3 c299 gabekaykwok
Sorry about not reviewing have collage but you really have unic chapters updating when will yo to the third movie?
11/23 c298 10Rogue Deity Master
A calming chapter that focused on Hiccup's kids and giving him a break. I still have my idea's but that's fine, good luck on the next one and on life.
11/23 c298 Guest
I wonder that type of dragon will the other kids bond with maybe a wooly howler for Egil and perhaps a nightlight for chara
11/23 c298 1Bloody Rogue dragon deity king
Good chapter that focus not on Hiccup, but on his kids. Nice work and happy holidays
11/22 c297 Leviathan Hunter
Good read
11/17 c297 10Rogue Deity Master
Hiccup meeting a kindred soul, nice touch. It was a nice read that connected with a root issue with Hiccup's past. This was also another way Hiccup could help a fellow runt like person, it somewhat symbolizes the changes he wanted in his past yet never got.
11/17 c297 1Bloody Rogue dragon deity king
This was a nice filler chapter that was very entertaining and I enjoyed reading it. You had a lot of good points and you had hiccup deal with someone who had a similar situation. Good luck and I hope the next chapter is just as good and brings you as much joy as all the others have done.
11/13 c296 3wolfdragonmoon8976
great chapter keep it coming
11/12 c296 10Rogue Deity Master
A fairly nice read that was nice to get in touch with Hiccup's native viking area, more so is the idea that there would be a tribe that would try just as hard to trick Hiccup with the intent on somewhat robbing him of something
11/12 c296 1Bloody Rogue dragon deity king
Well, this was a nice change of pays that allowed a little access to hiccup's home area and such, I'm curious what you'll next one be made for, like which region or culture. Culture I mean you've already covered Greek/ Rome so I'm curious what the next one will be. Quite a challenge since you've had him go to so many different places.
11/4 c295 10Rogue Deity Master
This was a good read with it's own twists and turns that made it all the more entertaining, more over you had several parts that had the reader wondering what will come next and was answered soon after.
10/30 c154 31LoverOfAnime1
If Hiccup didn’t marry Blanca, Mermala, Ameythst, or Gale would have been my choice as Hiccup’s wife.
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