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11/26 c7 Gladys
I can see why Roy isn't suitable. Violin is most definitely not superior to the beloved Viola. Italians knew the potential of the Viola. Rest of the world was just ignorant and happy-loving. The mournsome tones of the Viola would outshine the Violin in sad compositions like La Boheme and Madama Butterfly. People just don't understand how to use it, that's all.
5/22 c12 LAB1
This chaper was so sweet! All the feels! Gilbert is such a sweet romantic at heart!
5/22 c11 LAB1
This is the sweetest night ever! Gilbert dancing with the girls and then in the moonlight with Anne! So romantic!
5/22 c6 LAB1
Wow! I can almost feel the high that Gilbert is on!
5/22 c3 LAB1
These are the actions of a man with nothing to loose and everything to gain! Super romantic! Happy 200 reviews!
12/1/2021 c12 southerngirl5
I absolutely love Gilbert’s proposal! It just seems right to be there at the site of their first fiery interaction and for him to have a lily for the Lily Maid. Kudos!
8/27/2021 c6 6DrinkThemIn
I had a deep craving for this again! Please know that your writing quenches it so wonderfully. I love, love, love it!
8/22/2021 c11 Denie1943
Oh what a nice job you are doing with this! Thanks for sharing. Stay well!
8/13/2021 c9 Guest
Great story! Great writing!
7/27/2020 c12 Denie1943
So well done. After reading this the 2nd or 3rd time, it is still fresh and so sweet. Thanks for sharing! Stay well!
7/8/2020 c8 echarpe
rip in the chat for poor forgotten priscilla

(i'm only teasing, this is like my 5th time reading this. an old favourite)
5/19/2020 c12 Guest
Loved it so much! I watched the Anne of Avonlea movie yesterday and went looking for a story to help me satisfy my need for Anne and Gilbert time. This was a perfect story for me to have picked!
4/28/2020 c1 Marlignita
I love it! Thank you for sharing your books.
Un abrazo desde Valencia (Spain).
2/15/2020 c8 mang0fruitblast
I’m pretty sure I’ve reviewed the last chapter before so putting this here where I think it’ll actually post.

I don’t even remember how long ago it was that I first read this, but on a whim I went back through my old fabrication saves and when I saw this, I remembered how much I loved reading it and wanted to reread it. It’s just as beautiful as I remember. Anne and Gilbert remain one of my favorite love stories in writing, and I’m glad you took the time to write this all those years ago. Please know that your writing is still enjoyed in 2020!3
12/28/2019 c12 37StarlingChild4
What a beautifully romantic alternative ending! The desperate first kisses between Anne and Gilbert were the stuff of steamy romance novels! MmmmMMMM! *HEART EYES* And of course the proposal scene was too sweet!

I loved Phil being prominently portrayed here; she is a doll and it's a shame most (if not all) adaptations erase her. Rachel is a joy as ever (I loved her fussing over the telephone; she would be a Boomer today, complaining about social media, but we still love her lol), and Marilla's softer side was shown beautifully.

I loved the subtle yet powerful differences between Roy and Gil, proving that love and emotions isn't based on a standard or check off list, it just... is. Roy was definitely romantic, but so is Gil, just in different ways. What matters was who understood Anne best and who did she truly want. Love is a complicated thing, and we humans have a tendency to lie to ourselves out of fear or pride. Perhaps that's why Anne is such a beloved character, even over a century later.

(Though, admittedly, I appreciated you showing Roy's less pleasant side, showing his "true colors" if you will in the aftermath of rejection - perhaps his previous consorts were ended by him himself, so he can't handle rejection. Typical.)

Anne really does seem like the type who needs a "shock" to understand the truth, be it the thought of Gilbert dying or him passionately kissing her in the rain lol XD Oh, dear, sweet, stubborn, relatable Anne Shirley... At least she came to her senses, whether through fanon or canon lol.

Great job! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this! :D
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