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for You've given me No Choice

8/23/2016 c26 AcetaBells
i really, really enjoyed this fic! it was soooo sarisfying :) and beautifully written. one thing: i can't believe bella never checked on her human family again! she never went to see how renee was, or how charlie and his new family was! ahhh! but otherwise it was so satisfying and like even better than the canon story.
2/18/2016 c26 Tmitidlover0412
I've never found a story like this and I couldn't stop reading! I loved loved loved it!
10/18/2015 c26 csp4
Very good! I enjoyed having Edward's human parents in the story. I've read a couple with a vampire Elizabeth but don't remember a vampire Ed Sr. in any of my readings. Well worth the read! Thanks for sharing
10/17/2015 c26 1jansails
I loved this story for the addition of Edward's parents & Bella's relationship with them.
It was unique, refreshing, & having them be so protective of Bella, disliking & admonishing Edward for his treatment of Bella once reunited, endeared them to me.
Thank you!
jansails / jan2
10/17/2015 c26 sujari6
Great story. Loved the ending.
7/27/2015 c24 csp4
I think it's great but funny how the Cullen kids call Beth & Tony Mama Masen & Mr. Masen::))
7/25/2015 c25 2die4u
Lovely story. I was so caught up in it. That I finished it in2 days. Please continue as soon as possible. Thank you.
7/23/2015 c25 4Matthias L. Stormcrow
Awesome chapter I love it. I hope u can update soon.
7/23/2015 c24 Matthias L. Stormcrow
That was awesome I love it. So while Bella wrestled a Gator everybody else was having a chat.
7/23/2015 c23 Matthias L. Stormcrow
Marvelous job.
7/23/2015 c22 Matthias L. Stormcrow
7/23/2015 c21 Matthias L. Stormcrow
That was freaking fantastic
7/23/2015 c20 Matthias L. Stormcrow
So finally found each other.
7/23/2015 c19 Matthias L. Stormcrow
Wow I love it.
7/23/2015 c18 Matthias L. Stormcrow
That was awesome I love it.
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