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for You've given me No Choice

7/13/2014 c1 7Don'tBelieveInFear
I love this please update soon and i worked out who beth and tony are and i honestly did not expect that its a brilliant twist, can't wait for the next update!
7/11/2014 c14 4Matthias Stormcrow
Well done.
7/9/2014 c14 csp4
Enter Garrett::)) "...stories of his heroics during his human life..." lol yep, that's Garrett!
7/9/2014 c13 csp4
Bella's self-esteem is worse than when she was human. I believe her way of looking at things is very realistic. Even tho I know it's not entirely true, it does come across as most everyone in her previous life saw her as a distraction & cared for her only when it benefited them.
I keep wondering how Beth & Tony will respond when they find out it was their son & his 'new' family that caused Bella to be this way. Could go several ways. Since they're vampire, they would understand why the Cullen's left Bella. Altho, they are also from Edward's time & the idea that Edward 'courted' Bella then dumped her might shock them enough to put him over their knee::)) And them being a mated couple, with all that involves, Edward leaving Bella unprotected might completely confuse & horrify them. We will see:)
7/8/2014 c14 KeniKane
Such a great story! I love the idea and where it is going. Please keep up the good work and update as soon as you can! I'm always praying for another chapter in a story I'm reading, and this is one of my favorites!
7/8/2014 c14 7Fakin'it
I am enjoying your story very much! Please continue.
7/8/2014 c5 csp4
Oh! lol Either Carlisle was one busy & secretive vamp or he wasn't the only vampire working the hospital in 1918.
7/8/2014 c5 Fakin'it
The big question is: how did Edward's parents get changed without Carlisle's knowledge? Wouldn't he have smelled if another vampire were nearby?
7/8/2014 c4 Fakin'it
No doubt Beth with the bronze hair in Chicago is Edward's mother.
7/8/2014 c14 6Lionnara
Wonder how they gonna meet masen and cullen will she reunite with Edward?
7/8/2014 c3 7Fakin'it
Ok, I know you've already written a bunch of chapters, so this review won't change anything, but I feel the need to point out a few things for future reference. One, since she's 18 & there's no evidence of foul play, Charlie wouldn't be able to legally list her as a missing person until she'd been gone for 48hrs. Two, CNN wouldn't report on the story because she's over 18 & there's no evidence of foul play, & she's not a criminal herself. A single adult leaving home to 'find herself' isn't newsworthy enough even for local newspapers or stations to report. Three, she checked her suitcase at the airport & it is automatically transferred by baggage handlers when changing planes, so she would've lost it when she left the airport. It would've continued on to London without her. There wouldn't have been any way for her to get hold of it, since it would've gone directly from the hold of the first plane to the hold of the second plane without her touching or even seeing it. Four, since the plane was leaving the country, the suitcase would've been scanned by Customs agents before being loaded onto the London plane. It's illegal to take more than $10,000 cash out of the country, so if she had more than that, she would've been arrested.
I am enjoying your story though, so I'm going to keep reading & overlook the plot holes. I wanted you to know in case you wanted to improve your skills or work on something for publishing. :)
7/8/2014 c14 Janekyra
Really loving your story so far. Maybe you could make them tell their secrets to each other or something else exciting. Please keep up the good work. Your story is really unique so far.

Love ya!

Always JaneKyra
7/8/2014 c14 nicoleleecarter
please update soon please
6/30/2014 c13 4Matthias Stormcrow
Wow I love it.
6/22/2014 c13 Debbie Hicks
Alice's POV then I We heard each three noises and the flashed out of here and then Did a very Speediest but and much more and all of the sudden Suddenly Combined our Sailva and venom to the Humans then the both Blood types were all of them Drained by Crashing our fangs and Swallowed all of the tribazillions and Granted as all of the newest but all of the very tribazillions or much many more and all of the very much any more and then right the Center of their own throats and were still draining and feeding each both not human blood and then all of the Sudden the Newspapers roaring and slapping the snowy hair king and read WILD VAMPIRES AND INTERPLANETARY LYCAN BURSTING OUTSIDE AFTER HIT AND RUN AND FLED TO FIND MUCH MORE AND THREE BUT JUST A ENOUGH OF ALL OF THEIR OWN TROOPS OF THREE RACES AND SPAWNED A REVOLUTION AND A REBELLION AGAINST THE VOLTURI AS THE CRYSTAL MILLENNIUM COVEN A VERY ANCIENT KINDRD BUT AROYAL VAMPIRE FAMILY OF LORDS LADIES AND BODYGUARDS AND KINMEN AND WOMEN WITH HYBRIDS AND WOLPIRES ALLL SELECTED BUT GUARDED THE COUNSEL THE 4 ROYALS! A DEATH SERUM KILLED THEM AS A SIDE-AFFECT! it is done they are all of them into the lab with their own Allies then so that was it released the Artemista as very all of them and much many more and all of the sudden they Skinned us and as very all of them from around the world with them then all the sudden with as very all of Vampires Shifters humans with hybrids and Wolpires and then A Vision blasted on line then gasped what happened to us burst outside we cannot die oh god the Moon it's coming it these Scouts/ all of the Witnesses and the Gardeners her Corpse then they could not stop and then all of the Sudden gone Craziest and with the people turned with ourselves again then all of their own Screams and then all of the sudden Brutalliest but murdering and killing as very far way too much many more all of their own tribazillions or much many more all of their own witnesses and then their own scouts and warriors then torn off their own heads in Vengeance the Volturi heard such violence From the Vegetarians all with their allies all of them Converted and killed his own sister by their Murderers and killers yelling and Cursing all of the Volturi are non-breeders at all from the TV Screen Masters they murdered them turned against the Law and they Suddenly all of them blown themselves with them destroying themselves with their own spawns went into flames Good sent a letter then it was too late burst from the holes from the wholliest chests then became all of the newly made Immortal-undead then the bodies were all of them vanished then Skinning us again each both the Corpses were real but releasing as much more and all of the Corpses and then it happened while in hiding into the Forks Church then all the sudden Dawn Read Spier taught us all of the gifted vampires to Enter minds and She showed Aro the members of the Volturi Aro and your members by 2398 The planet Earth will suffer a global warning changes in into us we are no longer humans we are in fact Mutated people the Apre will Evolve into people you will be slaves wearing Animal skins you cannot Escape from it's changes and our Evolution of us we are under both Control of us and the Apes will Dominate your planet and Rule under a ruined post-atomic horror of a Earth I Have sent a Global warning prophecy/letter onto their own laps and they are Screaming in horror of a Atomic winter with a Heat-bomb roaring and a Drawing from us evolved from people mutated people don't get closer Lord I Am a Mutated telepathic Vampire I Am clad in dark grey wearing a headband but I Eat your energy via your desires your memories are Swallowed into my brain is evolved but my mutated Vampire mind will blink your mind in horrible pain then a very sharpest but more powerful but sudden burst of psi-telekinesis of pure telepathic energy glowing via her mind vanished the letter were on their laps seeing it was changed with a real one went into their minds both of their brains made the two wives Scream in agony then shocked Marcus's mind while stand Brother she is shocking me she is from the year 2398 a terrible but atomic horror going to happen here I Hear singing and worshipping by all mutated Vampires and Werewolves are dominating Earth and the Apes are evolving we are your slaves to obey your wishes Great work Dawn all of you Girls young men we remain in hiding.
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