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for You've given me No Choice

1/7/2015 c23 viola1701e
Nice that Bella gets the chance to finish school and Edward will be right beside her. Plus, I think he will benefit from his parents ... style of parenting cause Carlsile & Esme really are far too soft on him and indulge him far too much
11/8/2014 c22 4Matthias Stormcrow
11/8/2014 c22 csp4
"Alice was seeing my day dreams. My, my fantasies." lol lol that explains why it was so hard to find Bella::))
11/7/2014 c6 MaryMary123
She has a new Mama, Beth. Hey every girl needs a mother.
11/7/2014 c5 MaryMary123
Or the beginning. Beth thinks she is her child. Well she needs a mother for sure to help her "sort" out her life.
11/7/2014 c2 MaryMary123
good start.
11/7/2014 c22 43SableUnstable
Just a little thing. Intentions is spelt with two t's, not two s's. :)

Emotional chapter. Loved Bella yelling at them, lol. I'm glad they got to sit down and talk. And I loved how fatherly Tony was - he really stuck by Bella, despite wanting to reconnect with Edward.

I'm hoping that this isn't the end of the Cullen's punishment. Explaining their actions doesn't absolve them from doing them in the first place, after all.

Looking forward to the next instalment! :)
11/7/2014 c22 Guest
Excellent chapter it was nice other them try to find Bella
11/7/2014 c22 4ukrainianelfhorse
I love this argument between Bella and the rest of them. its more realistic than the original, in my opinion.
can't wait for the next chapter!
11/7/2014 c22 1jansails
Resolved to reunite?
11/7/2014 c22 Guest
Just found the Story. Great. Please update soon
11/7/2014 c22 sujari6
Looks like things are starting to get better for them. Tony and Beth are great.
11/7/2014 c22 viola1701e
Hehehe sounds like it might not be so easy for Bella to let go of all the pain she has carried (for years!) and just play happy family with the Cullens. Some caused more pain than others...and Esme and Carlisle let it all happen. I think they should have a long chat with the Masens about parenting lol
11/1/2014 c21 Mydinga
10/26/2014 c21 43SableUnstable
What a truly unique idea. I didn't see it coming until you started hinting properly, but when I figured it out, I was quite pleasantly surprised. :) I'm thrilled that they're finally all together again, but you know what would be really awesome? Bella having a massive bitchfit at the Cullens. Sure, she'll forgive them, but they really did hurt her deeply and still have a lot to answer for. I'd be grinning my head off if she lost her temper and shrieked like a banshee at them before forgiving them. Edward especially. ;)

Really looking forward to the next chapter!
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