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for You've given me No Choice

9/29/2014 c17 4Matthias Stormcrow
Nicely done.
9/29/2014 c18 1jansails
This is a pleasure to read, the author ratchets up the anticipation along with the disappointments in every chapter.
I can hardly wait until Bella looks at the picture of Edward & his parents again.
Bella could not fail to recognize their images.
Although, I was shocked Bella had no memory of Edward's narrative about his parents & their subsequent deaths in Chicago.
9/29/2014 c18 Guest
I normally don't review more than once, but this is about the third time. Your story is AMAZING. I am a harry potter fan, but this story is better than anything else I have ever read. Please keep up the good work!
9/29/2014 c18 2anna3311234
Ok am in love,every chapter has had me on the eage of my seat and now i just really cant wait for more!this story is really a work of art!plz plz keep up the amazing and wonderful work,i cant wait to see what you do next!0:)
9/29/2014 c18 madcraftermom
Ohhhh! The torture! So close... Excited for the reunion, sad it's coming to a close...
9/29/2014 c18 Guest
I really font get why people don't make the story longer they could have said when they got there and what happened then
9/28/2014 c18 sujari6
Edward's going to be in for another shock when he meets Tony and Beth.
9/28/2014 c18 brebre99
Omg i hope they find her im so excited
9/28/2014 c18 5Greenshells
Wonderful story line, please keep it coming!
9/28/2014 c18 KeniKane
Thanks for the great update! Can't wait for the next one- you kind of left it on a cliffhanger! :p
9/28/2014 c18 nicoleleecarter
please update soon
9/28/2014 c18 jbarbosa12
Sooo good!
9/28/2014 c18 5spiritdreamer16
Please update soon! :)
9/26/2014 c16 SoManyFandomsUrHeadExplodes98
Your story is what inspired me to write my own Story I really hope you post another chapter, maybe one before Halloween... If that isn't to much trouble. I would really love to read more!
9/16/2014 c17 Debbie Hicks
the Vulcans
then it happened too soon then heard a all eight with nine crashed we three decided to break the law then suddenly with the Cullens with as all of the newly converted vampires them it happened all was Chaos and disorder and a lot of killings and much many more as all of them wre all of them Attacked and were so completely drained as all of were with Child a lot of then all of the sudden the Scout fled and suddenly Barged in the doors and reported It's terrible they gathered up a Army and used my own Gift onto them to be Freed of all of life with her adopted parents with the two are into as all of them the time ripped as all of them are brought by charges of a terrible crime what is the verdict Death Execute them GUARDS! They all of with the very all of them Screamed and we unification with the Cullens and my adopted parts were suddenly Stopped and all of the Sudden We were tried but suddenly all of them Executed with their each both were all of them of the Pack were all of them Executed and firey flames and all of the sudden letting go of our spirits and Katras to resurrect ourselves as Kindred and Interplanetary Lycans with each both joined us into Death and then all of the sudden and the Volturi guard took as all of we Fled from here to the next state we were wild vampires and nomadic vampires as well with my turned best friends who joined our nomadic coven onto the move and the Volturi Guard reentry with the Charred and all of it deceased and then from the as all of them from their human lives after feasting onto human blood their as all of adopted children and all of the sudden reported they created a unification coven the Crystal Millennuim coven made of wild vampires who are in fact Vegetarian vampires who attacked animals and lost control to people are Rouge vampires these all of the Corpses gave up their life forces and created your adopted children eaten their human blood are not exactly human are Your children are your royal heirs to the throne will pass the crown to them it came too late each both adopted families who were infertile with the males suddenly gained as all of teenage children and later had hybrids who looked human but they were alien mist children gained a very largest but monstrous coven then all of the sudden the Pack all of them imprinted and later intermixed their life forces and sources their great grand children adopted but it expanded again it had a side affect but slipped outside and placed as all of the but broken free as younger people again twice then went a CRACK We Suddenly died here then it happened the each both blood kept us strongest but the bodies vanished and violently fled to Italy with as all of the very as all of them never returned and all of the sudden as much many more vegetarian Vampires burned by as all of them their as all of their own katras reformed but a sudden Cracking noise and with pets as time went on we regained our health and strength I Was very different was not sleeping in a coffin how ceremonial to rest jeez and I was still brushing my teeth with the fangs before hunting ugh I Felt like Karin from a anime gotten hooked onto anime forever wearing a High school uniform a Wig good grief how dreadful oh man in a chic but sheer style for vampire women to act from a Anime I groaned and sweat dropped over my own real hair who had the same bruises under my eyes oh god we need blood Angela so us you turned us into Vampires nice wig well thank you very much it is anime styled but cut differently we did a live action fan film series based on a manga and anime hi Alice you look cute in a uniform your wig I love it really from now on oh man who are your parents Henry Harker and his wife they adopted kids my siblings sister is strange yes don't worry sis you will be fine thanks Onjisan what it means Brother act from the anime Right! call me Karin Maaka please I bowed differently you were tutored in vampire manners and proper bowing to your friend yes Father Mother you are betrothed to your husband very soon in the Japanese way oh no to Edward yikes oh no she is engaged to him yes wears his engagement ring then fitting to my white robes and had Alice styled differently then it was time for the latest scene my marriage to him was dressed in his wedding robes then Yosho Masaki Kishi said Do you Bella Swan take ye this wonderful man Edward Cullen to be your husband Hai I do take him as my mate for better and worse richer and for poor and in sickness and in health do take him as my husband I Do I bowed down very Differently Do you take thee this wife Bella Cullen to be your mate I Do for my parents who act as her parents Hai I do take ye my wife for better and for worse in sickness and in health she is now my wife forever bound by vampire law it is settled may I present Mr and Mr's Edward Cullen you may kiss your bride then we embraced and kissed then signed our new last names then it was over I was married by vampire law then we both begun taking walks more each both coven with the third joined in death then with the others were married meet your adopted daughter you requsted my lady then she looked like each of us from our seeds then Alice Cullen had a vision again had her best outfit what is it the Volturi they sighted on Youtube they named it Karin the Next Generation your hybrid daughter from each both but everything changed since our death and resurrection now it's the next generation of vampires take their place in the vampire world yes the year is 2127 everything had altered but changed for vampires to go to school just one moonless night you will be a true creature of the night I run this Academy oh no! ahem for boys and girl must attend at night I suddenly violently fell anime style I christened this academy as The Cullen Gifted Academy for Vampires and it will be a Academy forever The Pack found as very all of your newest Dorms remodeled by his wife very biggest and more largest to live here with deported things from your human lives and spirits be sharp at night you got it Mother we will be here whew living in high class made me so hungry us too Bella nice wig thanks we will be here at Night very sharp but quick but simple Dr Carlisle Cullen is now your headmaster and founder of this coven and your father in law oh Kami-sama I groaned you speak good Japanese I am learning faster than you you will be rooming girls and young men be sharp at night oh man we will be at night learning it will be like Vampire Knight yes as all of the staff members will be teachers of the night so night fell at sundown we wore our best uniforms it was very monstrous and but much more too largest and gotten very hugest as a biggest castle so largest and too massivest looking like this blinked my anime eyes for real to hide my vampire eyes drat they melted I placed a second in case of a crisis done Cool it is bought by the Cullens and ourselves meet your teachers enter here right lets go Minna all of you then it resumed on to the morning Ben loved being a creature of the night we were vampires training our very best then it happened again while asleep but slipped outside and but as very all of the bodies vanished to the Volturi palace then they were killed by the heirs trained to rule were us as all of them had them Executed for crimes was death with as very all of them very last as all of them then they became leaders of a new vampire world.
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